Regional Third Place Playoff Asean V Latin Heat

The regional third place playoff for the Confedrate Cup was played on Field 2 at St Mary’s Stadium. Latin Heat kicked off. Not long after, an early knock on by the Latin Heat gave Asean great field position and they forced a drop out. A forward pass near the line let the Latin Heat off the hook.  Both teams seem to have each other’s measure, only little handling errors giving advantage. An Asean cut out pass put the winger down the sideline, until the Latin Heat defense came across to stop him.

Asean strike first through Ryan Clarke who burst through off the scrum close to the line. Converted by Tyler Chart (6-0)

The Latin Heat got called for a shepard, and gave Asean great attacking position again. The resulting set saw another dropout forced against Latin Heat. The Latin Heat kicked a massive 80m dropout, 60 on the fly. The Asean marched back up field only to hand the ball over off an upload error.

A penalty to the Latin Heat helped get them march up field, to get them the best position so far. A poor pass from Miller handed the ball back to Asean again. Off the back of a run of Frank Kurnos, Asean chose a bad kick straight to the Asean and the Latin Heat back on the attack again.

A penalty compounded with back chat and the Latin Heat were suddenly up on the Asean line. Not long after. A beautiful block play from the Latin Heat led to a stroll in try for Brad Miller, which is converted to make it (6-6)

A tap n go penalty caught the Asean team unaware and the Latin Heat attack side to side near the Asean line. Mayfield for Asean manages to get out from the in-goal area. A line break from Asean just couldn’t be finished off with the last pass going to ground.

The arm wrestle continued and an attacking kick from Asean saw the Latin Heat trying to bring it back from their own line. Just when then the Latin Heat looked likely from the scrum base, another strong tackle from Asean forced an error.  A great first half from both team. Fairly even as the scoreline suggested.

The 2nd half saw a bit of push and shove between the teams. Nathan Arnamnart and Josh Foley and then James Mabey and Josh Foley talked with the referee to try settle things down. Asean forced an error inside the Latin Heat half, the arm wrestle continued from the first half and Asean muscled up in defense against the Latin Heat.

Latin Heat scored in the corner from Alvaro Alarcon from a bullet cut-out pass from Brad Miller. Unfortunately the conversion was missed. (10-6) They slowly worked their way into position and scored off the back of that hard work.

The Latin Heat worked upfield from the kick off and Asean were up to the task defensively. Gorreto gets 10 in the bin and Asean got advantage with the Latin Heat down to 12 men. The Latin Heat stood up in defense and almost turned defense into attack. Both teams started to have more handling errors, which stopped either side for taking advantage.

A great kick from Latin Heat led to a knock on from Asean which gave them a scrum 10m out from Asean line. Another couple of errors saw Asean feeding their own scrum from the same 10m line.

Asean scored from a great series of passes for Kournof to push over, spin and score. Tyler Chart converts the try (12-10).

The game’s fast pace continued with Asean sweeping runs until a sharp chip over the top followed by a deft catch from Tyrell Mayfield saw him score near the posts. Tyler Chart converts the try (18-10)

A late shot on James Mabey saw a penalty to Asean. After a brief check on his neck, play resumed. Asean quickly worked their way back upfield only to cough the ball up almost on the line.  Just when the Latin Heat got a breakthrough the ref called them back. A quick error saw the Latin Heat back on the attack.

Another cut out ball this time to Kevin Mckenzie saw him burrow over to score. Brad Miller missed the conversion.

Not long after the kick off return  is shut down and Asean were back on the attack.  Nathan Arnamnart was held up over the line. Asean peppering the Latin Heat line. A beautiful pass was called forward and Latin Heat had one of their last chances to even out the scoreline.

A perfectly weighted kick from Latin Heat ended up forcing an Asean dropout. The dropout was relatively short and the Latin Heat ended up with the ball back from a touch from Asean. As the game came to an end Latin Heat had one chance to score in the corner. Asean won the game by taking him into touch. Final score Asean-18, Latin Heat-14,in a hard fought game.

- Jeremy


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