Poland Hold Off Fightback To Lift Trohpy.

Poland would make a dream start to the final, opening the scoring inside the third minute, Ethan Niszczot stepping and fending away from contact 20 metres from the line, cutting a hole in the defence to go over under the sticks, the kick converted by Ethan Niszczot.

Poland extended their lead after some sloppy marker work, nobody anticipating that Chippie Korostchuk would opt to go the short side, the big second rower smashing over the top of Goodwin to extend the lead of the Polish side to 10-0, the conversion taking the post.

Poland continued to dominate the first half, barnstorming runs breaking tackles anywhere and everywhere on the field, the Philippines hanging on and denying the Polish side more points, giving them hope of a comeback.

Harry Siejka benefitted from a spilled ball from a chipped kick 1 minute before halftime, the ball coming loose and the halfback the fastest to react to dive over into the corner and give Poland a 14-0 lead at the halfway point.

The Philippines made a bright start to the second half, a penalty piggybacking them to within 30 metres of the Polish line on their first set of the half. Turning field position into points early on, shifting the ball through the hands and Goodwin ghosting over into the corner, the kick missed.

Goodwin had a great opportunity to close the gap further with 20 minutes to play, a kick stabbed through for the fullback, Good win tackled and the ball dislodged to prevent a sure fire try.

Try as they may, the Philippines unable to crack the Poland defence, spreading the ball and stretching the defense, Stephenson finding space on the edge but clawed down and manhandled into touch by the cover.

The Philippines big break would finally come with nine minutes left to play Daniel Kucia receiving a short ball at the line, spinning out of contact and dropping to ground the ball and give the Tamaraws some hope, Jordan Bien converting to make it 14-10.

The last minute would be filled with close chances for the Philippines, a kick skipping off the turf and onto the post protector, Poland scrambling to grab the ball and deny the Tamaraws a chance to steal the game from under Poland's noses. Poland hanging on and lifting the trophy at a score of 14-10.


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