Greece convincing winners over Vanuatu 32-0

The final game of the day sees Greece Vs Vanuatu at Kellyville. What offered to be a real competition almost wasn’t to be first from the weather changing the venue to multiple severe injuries almost stopping the game.

First points went to Greece off the back of a sweeping set play to Adam Vrahnos. This was converted by Sam Stratis. Not long after a Greek player is injured, left on the floor play is stopped. An unfortunate delay due to the injury and the weather. Taking time to get the injured Tyrone Taukanio off via ambulance both teams come off then back on to warm up again before play resumed.

Vanuatu break away down the sideline but the last pass goes astray but luckily Greece knock it on giving the ball back. Vanuatu get painfully close but are stopped on the line. Greece suffer another knock on coming out from their line. Vanuatu are monstered by the Greece defense forcing an error only to hand it back on the first pass. Not long after the Vanuatu team dropped it again. This seemed to an omen of things to come for Vanuatu.

Almost out of the blue a Vanuatu player is injured, lying on the ground looking like suffering a seizure. A second ambulance is called and the game is stopped once again. Due to the pouring rain, both teams come off the field. After a large amount of time, both teams eventually take the field again.

Almost immediately Vanuatu put the ball out on the sideline, both by kick and then from a pass and the Greek team used the errors to gain field position. Greece look likely to score in the corner until Vanuatu’s cover defense almost took the Greek winger out. As the ball progressed to the middle, Vanuatu’s sneaky defense steals an intercept but the Greek team are soon back in Vanuatu danger zone. Vanuatu eventually give up a penalty to Greece. The penalty goal bounces off the post and almost recovered by Greece but Vanuatu end up with the ball.

An awesome wide pass from Tremaine Terzis sends the winger down the sideline and a nice draw and pass to George Tsikrikas leads to a try to Greece. Sam Stratis converts the try. The left edge of Greece looks dangerous until an offload goes awry giving Vanuatu the scrum feed.

Coming into halftime both teams are making mistakes with Greece having more impact and a massive cutout ball sees GR3 score in the corner. The conversion falls short.

The second half sees Greece in attacking position off a sneaky one on one steal. Greece get a penalty to help them capitalise on their position. They take advantage to try to take the deficit to 3 tries but are unsuccessful.

The game then seemed to settle into both the teams completing their sets. The clearing kicks seem to be running on over the dead ball line.

Greece manage to break through the Vanuatu defensive line, off a dummy half break, only the full back to beat until Stephen Tanga manages to strip the ball mid tackle. Off the back of a Vanuatu mistake Greece score again through Laurence Zarounas4 and Sam Stratis converts making it (22-0). Vanuatu were in position to attack, but another mistake give the ball back to Greece. This seemed to happen over and over again for Vanuatu.

Greek fullback Laurence Zarounas breaks through from an inside block play and he ran away with it to get a try. Sam Stratis converts to make it (28-0). Not long after Nick Margios scores in the corner and Sam Stratis misses the conversion leaving it (28-0).

Greece pounce again as Clinton Hughes scores from dummy half off a barnstorming run upfield. Sam Stratis misses again, this time off the upright. (32-0)

George Tsikrikas picks up the scraps off a grubber from Peter Mamouzelos to score near the corner for Greece. The rain buckets down with 3 minutes left the score is (38-0) and the scoreline remains at full time.

Overall a strong performance from Greece against a valiant Vanuatu team who just seemed to falter when they looked likely to score. If their last passes stuck the scoreline could’ve been very different. In spite of the torrential rain and terrible injuries this game was great battle for both teams.

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