Errors cost Africa United against Mediterranean-Middle East

Africa United and the Mediterranean - Middle East would do battle in the first game of matchday four out at Winsdor in the Regional Championship section of the Rugby League Emerging National World Championship.

Both teams would have their chances, with errors and penalties costing the sides the chance to attack in the opening stages. Ten minutes in though, the Mediterranean side would get the first points on the board.

A lovely cut out ball from Husam Rafai would see Addison Demetriou go through a sceaming gap as the United defense tried to snuff out the attack. Rafai would get the ball back on the inside to score underneath the posts.

Demetriou would convert his first conversion attempt to make it 6-0 after twelve minutes.

The Mediterranean side would nearly go the length of the field on the next set, only for Omair Khan to put his foot on the touch line as he got the ball from dummy half a metre out.

Errors would cost the African side as they would try to work out of their own half, and it would come back to bite them on eighteen minutes.

Christian Tarabey would take the ball to the line off a scrum from 20 metres out, and offload a suspect ball to his centre partner in Ahmed Kassem. He would go through untouched and score just to the left of the uprights, leaving the United team scrambling.

Addison Demetriou would make no mistake to make it 12-0 after twenty minutes.

An error from the kick-off would give Africa United a good chance to attack the line, earning a few repeat sets through penalties and errors early in the Mediterranean sets.

With a little persistence needed, United would get on the scoreboard through their captain in Stemon Mow. He would get a ball close to the line and with a beautiful right step, would drag three defenders with him to plant the ball down.

Obed Karwhin would once again have the kicking duties, and would make no mistake from the left edge to make it 12-6.

The Mediterranean side would get a chance straight off the kick off thanks to a first tackle error from united, and they would make no mistake from the scrum.

Addison Demetriou would take an inside ball from Husam Rafai, his sceond try assist to his centre as Demetriou would break two tackles and score underneath the posts.

Demetriou, a little worse for wear after his try, would convert the conversion attempt to make it 18-6 after thirty minutes.

Another error early in the set from the Mediterranean woud give the United team a chance to hit straight back, and they would do so through Obed Karwhin.

Karwhin would get an inside ball, taking on a few tackles and barraging his way over the line from close range to get United back within striking distance.

Karwhin would kick a beautiful conversion from the left hand touchline to make it 18-12 with less than five minutes left in the half.

Africa United and the Mediterranean - Middle East would try and create some chances off the boot within the last five minutes, but the score would remain locked at 18-12 with the team heading into the break.

It would be the Mediterranean - Middle East who would have all the possession early in the second half, with plenty of field position deep in the African half. They would end up scoring thanks to a mistake by United, with Omair Khan being the benefactor on the right hand touchline.

With Addison Demetriou on the bench injured, Husam Rafai would take the kicking duties and miss his first attempt to leave it at 22-12 after 49 minutes.

Africa United would then send the ball out on the full from the kick off, and Mediterranean - Middle East would take full advantage of it.

Husam Rafai would produced a lovely crossfield bomb on the last tackle, with Hillal Kara-Ali taking a juggling catch to plant the ball down just inside the left hand sideline for a spectacular try.

Christian Tarabey would take the kicking duties from here, and land a lovely swinging conversion to make it 28-12 with just under half an hour to go.

Michael James would nearly hit back straight away for Africa United, taking a beautiful overhead mark from a Rafai kick and run 60 metres to only be dragged down just metres out.

Africa United couldn't take advantage of that, losing the ball on the next play in an accurate showing of the luck that the United side had so far.

It would not take long though for Africa to make the most of their share of possession, with Stemon Mow grabbing a double with an untouched run underneath the posts. There would be a little bustling and barging between the teams after the put down, with the incident being put on report.

Oden Karwhin would make no mistake from in front to leave the game poised at 28-18, with 24 minutes left.

The United side would get a few chances close to the line to bring the game back to within a converted try, but errors and penalties  would cost them dearly.

The Mediterranean side would make no mistake in their first venture to the red zone for a while, with Khoder Mitawri managing to plant the ball down underneath the posts despite the presence of three defenders undeneath him.

Christian Tarabey wound make no mistake from in front to seemingly seal the game with fifteen minutes to go at 34-18.

The Mediterranean - Middle East side thought that they had one more try, but it was deemed that Khoder Mitawri kicked the ball into his teammate, who was in an offside position.

As the siren sounded, Husam Rafai would connect with a beautiful field goal from 35 metres out to give the Mediterranean side a 35-18 win over Africa United.

It leaves Africa United with a 1-1 record as they finish up their campaign, while the Mediterranean - Middle East side would have one more bout against ASEAN in two days time.

Africa United - 18
Tries - Stemon Mow (2), Oden Karwhin
Goals - Oden Karwhin (3)

Mediterranean - Middle East - 35
Tries - Addison Demetriou (2), Ahmed Kassem, Omair Khan, Hillal Kara-Ali, Khoder Mitawri
Goals - Addison Demetriou (3) Christian Tarabey (2)
Field Goals - Husam Rafai


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