Emerging Nations World Cup Vanuatu vs Poland Trophy Semi Final Preview

Vanuatu play off for the last remaining spot in the Trophy final, these are both sides capable of giving each other a run for their money. Poland were 2 for 2 win wise in Pool C, topping their group having beaten Japan 58-6 and Hong Kong 62-6, Vanuatu still looking for their first win after an 18-13 loss to Hungary and a 30-0 drumming at the hands of Greece.

We touched on Turkey's point scoring capabilities but Poland are a whole different animal altogether, Poland racking up an astounding 120 points in 160 minutes of game play, giving them and average of  13.3 points every 10 minutes, a frightening statistic for defence tasked with keeping this side out, pair that with the stat of only conceding 12 points or 1 point every 10 minutes, it makes for very bleak reading.

Vanuatu have not been fortunate enough to encounter as many points through the course of their campaign, having scored only 13 points in the aforementioned fixture against Hungary and then followed up by a nilling at the hands of Greece, this will no doubt be the toughest and most challenging game of their campaign.

Poland are similar to an evolved apex predator, regardless of wherever you are you are not safe, the depth that this side has in attack is truly terrifying and they have proved that in their opening two fixtures, scoring from anywhere and everywhere. Vanuatu's smaller and more agile pack have certainly helped them against some of the bigger sides in the competition, it's going to be tested up the middle but Woods and co will certainly not take a backwards step.


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