Emerging Nations World Cup Turkey vs Vanuatu 7th Place Playoff Preview

An action packed thirteen days of Rugby League is brought to a close on on the 13th of October, Turkey and Vanuatu opening proceedings over at St Marys Rugby League Club as they go head to head to see who finishes 7th and 8th in the 11 team tournament.

For Turkey it was a rude awakening from an all too beautiful dream, winning both of their group matches against Hong Kong and Japan before making the semi finals to face the 27th World Seed the Philippines, their dream of making the finals cut short by the Tamaraws in a back and forth game in which both sides traded, points, penalties and bruising tackles.

Vanuatu's Semi Final was less of a dream and more of a living nightmare, forced to come up against the red hot Polish side scoring points for fun, Vanuatu putting in a very braze performance and bagging a try of their own but the overall message from the camp was disappointment in being on the end of such a heavy scoreline of 44-4.

Both of these teams have given us plenty of entertainment in their time in the tournament and there is no doubt in my mind that they will look to leave everything they have out on the field. Vanuatu and Turkey bringing in many domestic players which will bring invaluable experience for when they return to their respective clubs back home.


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