Emerging Nations World Cup Solomon Islands vs Japan RL - Bowl Finals

3 teams have now entered into the Bowl and will compete in a 3 team table competition, the 3 teams are the; Solomon Islands, Japan and Hong Kong. The Solomon Islands and Japan kick off the Bowl tournament on Tuesday afternoon, a win for either side puts them just 1 more win away from taking the Bowl Championship.

The Solomon Islands were very unlucky to not qualify for the Trophy tournament, a narrow loss to Turkey proving to be the fatal blow to their hopes as a win against Hong Kong put them within 2 points of the leading and qualifying 1st and 2nd spots, regardless the Solomon Islands can be very proud of their achievements thus far.

Japan have not had the smoothest of rides to get to this point, taking on the two sides that would top the group in Poland and Turkey, suffering big losses on both occasions, however, their is still time for them to take something from this tournament if they can defeat the Solomon Islands and Hong Kong.

Japan have proved that they are somewhat of a ball playing side, throwing the ball around where they can in an effort to stretch the opposition and create holes to slot themselves through. The Solomon Islands have relied on their big men up the middle and quick play the balls to manufacture opportunities, slowing the pace of the game is going to be crucial for this Japanese side.


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