Emerging Nations World Cup Philippines vs Turkey Trophy Semi Final Preview

A winless Philippines side take on a barnstorming Turkey in an effort to qualify for the final of the Trophy section of the tournament, the Philippines finishing bottom of Pool A, the tournaments most difficult pool, therefore can be found in the trophy pool with Poland, Vanuatu and Turkey.

Turkey breezed through one game but scraped through another, beating Hong Kong 62-6 but then having to hang tough against the Solomon Islands in a 30-22 win that saw the Solies make a late fight back. Turkey have proved highly competent in attack, amassing 92 points in 160 minutes of Rugby League, that's a staggering 5.75 points every 10 minutes, of those 92 points Ali Bokeyhan Surer is responsible for 36 of them.

The Philippines didn't get an easy draw in the slightest, Niue and Malta were tipped to do very well throughout this tournament and one of two to win the Cup, despite being on the receiving end of two losses the Tamaraws haven't played badly, their best performance coming in their 26-16 loss to Niue, a game that they looked like they certainly could have won, unfortunately their defence buckled by a larger opponent.

Expect yet another quality performance from both sides, keep an eye out ofr Turkey's two lead props in Baskinyali and Dagdansar, the two big men have been carving up sides down the middle so far and Turkey will no doubt want to take advantage of the size difference. The Phillipines will want to keep the ball out of the middle of the park for as long as possible, they have no reason to want to be involved in the arm wrestle up the middle and will look to steer well clear of it.


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