Emerging Nations World Cup Malta vs Niue Preview

Malta started their Emerging Nations World Cup campaign with a win on Monday afternoon in Sydney, the Maltese national side proving too strong for the Philippines on the day as they ran out XXX the Cassel brothers putting a couple of bullseye's on their heads as key strike weapons in the Malta contingent.

Niue had their bye game while Malta and the Philippines traded blows at Windsor but know doubt watched intently. Niue haven't slacked off their preparation one bit, Sunday afternoon spent in a UFC gym working on grappling and some last minute fitness, clearly Niue are going to put that wrestling training into practice and try to slow down the smaller Maltese side.

On paper right now Malta are the most dangerous team in the competition, racking up 7 tries in their first outing against the Philippines, a win on Thusday afternoon will see Malta into the next round of the cup, a loss will see them relying on Niue beating the Philippines by a greater margin than their overall points difference.

Niue have utilised their down time by encouraging players to get in touch with their heritage, sharing stories of Niue, singing hymns and embracing the brotherhood that they hope to instill within their squad, with only 5 of their players having visited the island, the coaching staff of the Niue squad have worked tirelessly to establish that connection between the individuals and Niue itself.

Malta are by no means a small side but for this one they don't quite measure up in mass compared to Niue, so expect to see a lot of quick plays and working of the flanks as they look to avoid wrestling their way up the middle.


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