Emerging Nations World Cup Latin Heat vs Africa United Regional Championship Preview

The Latin Heat will look to see the Emerging Nations out with a win under their belt, the Latin Heat currently the only side in the Regional Championship yet to come up with 2 points. Africa United are still in with a slim chance of a shot at the title, dependent on the result of the fixture before.

Latin Heat were unlucky not to take something from their match against Asean Rugby League, for large spells of the game they were on top but decision making in try scoring positions were certainly their downfall, every other part of their game had certainly improved from their first outing against Mediterranean Middle East.

Africa United were physically unable to match up to their larger opponents in their previous fixture, something the Latin Heat will no doubt have observed and will look to integrate into their own play style. United's speed continues to be a persistent theme in their play, opting to go for quick play the balls and off the cuff attacks to catch their opponents on their heels.

An Africa United win would see them finish second or better so there is certainly more incentive for them to perform in this game, whereas, for the Latin  Heat side they are playing for pride now, but as sen throughout this tournament, pride can do a whole lot for a team so this one could go either way.


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