Emerging Nations World Cup Latin Heat vs Mediterranean Rugby League

Latin Heat are one of the more well known teams in the competition, the side was initially setup in 2013 by Robert Burgin, Daniel Sarmiento and Matthew Brown, who worked tirelessly to increase the profile of the sport in South America and other Latin American territories. They are a side that's got plenty of competitive experience having featured at the Cabramatta 9's and even hosting their own NSW vs QLD origin series featuring players of Latino heritage.

Mediterranean Rugby League have a very different tail of conception, many of the players in this side are the sons of refugees, war forcing their parents to look for safety away from their respective countries, the sport of Rugby League introduced to many of these players as they came through the education system.

A total of 8 nations will represent Mediterranean Rugby League over the course of the tournament for the Latin Heat, they are; Brazil, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Guyana and Mexico, most players are heritage players while some have made the trip from overseas to participate, Andrew Zuluaga is of Colombian descent and can be found playing his Rugby League in the US.

Syria and Afghanistan may not be places you commonly associate the sport of Rugby League with but at the Emerging Nations World Cup they are a prominent fixture. Omar Slaimankhel and Khoder Mitwari will be two of the names you will see on the Mediterranean Rugby League team sheet, while the regions are not a heartland of the sport, they come equipped with heaps of experience.

Both players echoing each others comments saying "I'm pretty excited, that's the special thing about it, we aren't representing one country we are representing a region, there's many small countries out there that don't have a national team so players never get the opportunity to represent their nation, so players can come and get together and play."


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