Emerging Nations World Cup Japan vs Poland Preview

It was a contrasting weekend for these two sides, Poland putting 60+ points on their opponents, Japan conceding 60 points to their opponents. Japan coming out second best in their fixture against Turkey when the Turkish side set the 2018 record for biggest winning margin at the Emerging Nations, 60-0.

Poland have an opportunity to top the group with a win by 12+ points on Sunday afternoon, regardless a win is needed to secure their spot in the next round of the cup, their one win right now is not enough to garuntee a place in the top 2, even with Polish side amassing a huge plus 56 points difference.

It's hard to say where Japan's attacking threats lay as we didn't see much of them due to the repeated Turkish raids, Japan with ball in hand showed their ability to move the ball around the field, working the width of the pitch to try and find space away from the big men in the middle in white and red.

Poland's quick and aggressive style of play has proved to be deadly, Hong Kong struggled to contain the Exiles in yet another explosive performance. Poland's big men working the channels and bumping men off left, right and center as they ripped holes in the Thunder's line to put them within range of more points.

Poland pose a threat anywhere they are on the field, they have proved they can attack from deep with some of their long range tries and that they can be patient in their build up in looking for points, sticking to their fundamentals and not flapping under pressure. Japan's defence is going to be tested to their limits, they'll have to be on top of their game to dethrone one of the clear and early favourites to take the cup, we'll have to wait until Sunday to see how they go.


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