Emerging Nations World Cup Greece vs Vanuatu Preview

Pool B will draw to a close in spectacular fashion, having shared similar hardship in their opening games, the story near identical, clawing their way back into an absolute war with the Hungarian side before a late try snatching the points and leaving them winless, this now means the winner of this game will progress to the next round of the Cup while the loser is left competing for the Bowl.

While the result and final outcome may have been distinctly similar the games were quite a contrast, Greece were dominating the game for large periods of time, even if the scoreboard didn't reflect it, but fell away in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Vanuatu on the other hand struggled their way through large periods of the game before erupting with 20 minutes to play, Hungary sneaking over late to deny Vanuatu the win, the defence in particular impressed me but it will be their atttack they need to focus on to break down this Greek side.

Vanuatu's attacking approach was very much an ump the middle approach, using one of the smaller forward packs in the tournament, however what they lack in size they make up for it in pure steel and toughness. Greece didn't seem shy when it came to throwing the ball around, moving some of the big men around the middle of the park before chancing their arm on the edges, it'll certainly be interesting to see how they adapt their approach when up against a very mobile pack.


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