ASEAN Hold Out Fast Finishing Mediterranean-Middle East

The Confederate Cup would continue on day 5 of the Rugby League Emerging Nations World Championships, with ASEAN taking on the Mediterranean-Middle East. ASEAN were looking to finish off their campaign with a win after coming into the game at 1-1, while the Mediterranean-Middle East were looking to remain undefeated.

The Mediterranean-Middle East would get the first use of the ball thanks to a fantastic kick off that went into touch. Husam Rafai sent the ball right to the fullback in Hallal Ali-Kara and he would burst through a hole, supplying Ali Ellaz with the first try of the day next to the uprights.

Christian Tarabey would convert the first chance of the day to give Mediterranean-Middle East a 6-0 lead.

Tarabey would then set up the second try for Mediterranean-Middle East, selling ASEAN with a dummy and going through the line, offloading to Ahmed Kazam on the left edge for his first of the day.

Tarabey would not have the legs on his second attempt, with the score at 10-0 after just seven minutes.

ASEAN would get a chance to hit straight back thanks to an error from the kick off, and hit back they would. Thomas Sarangaya received the ball at first receiver and give off a flat ball to a flying Corey Kurnoth for the first ASEAN try.

Tyler Chant made no mistake from in front to leave it at 10-6 after just 10 minutes.

ASEAN would get the next points on the board, with Tyler Chant firmly in the middle of it. Chant sent a ball to his centre in Thonmy Giang, who would offload back to Chant. Chant would send a ball out to Isaac Gruyen, who would cut inside and carry over a defender to score.

Chant would miss his conversion from the left hand touchline to leave the score poised at 10-0 after 17 minutes.

After being down 10-0, ASEAN would grab the lead thanks to a picture perfect cut out pass. He would find Isaac Gruyen, beating a defender to run around and score his second try of the day.

Chant would appreciate the better angle, converting the kick to make it 16-10 after 22 minutes. A penalty goal 3 minutes later would see the lead for ASEAN extended to 18-10.

ASEAN would get over to score their next try thanks to some brilliance from Trent Kurnoth. James Mabey put a grubber kick in on last, finding the Mediterranean-Middle East fullback in Husam Rafai. Kurnoth would strip the ball from Rafai in-goal, and plant the ball down to make it 22-10.

Tyler Chant would have no issues from in front to make it 24-10 after 30 minutes.

Mediterranean-Middle East would get a try on the stroke of half time, with Hamza Anwar taking a quick tap and creating a great opportunity. The ball would go through the hands and Mohammed Sultan would score in the right corner.

Tarabey would miss his conversion, with the score staying at 24-14 in favour of ASEAN at the break.

ASEAN came out firing in the second half, and it would see Khoder Mitwari get sent to the bin for 10 minutes after a professional foul. Three plays later, Corey Kurmoth would get his second try of the day running straight down the middle.

Tyler Chant would convert the attempt from in front to make it 30-14.

Mediterranean-Middle East would hit almost straight back, with Ahmed Kazam being on the receiving end of some fantastic slide of hands. He would take on the ASEAN fullback and win that battle to improve the position of the kick.

Christian Tarabey would slice the crucial kick to leave the score at 30-18 with just over 30 minutes to go.

A penalty goal to Tyler Chant would see the lead bounce back out to 14, with the score moving to 32-18 in favour of ASEAN. The Mediterranean-Middle East would bounce back yet again though, with some quick hands allowing the ball to find Omair Khan over the line on the right side.

Husam Rafai would take over the kicking duties, with a tough conversion on the right sideline. He would leave it left to have the score at 32-22, with 15 minutes left.

Three games in close succession would be starting to take their toll on everyone, but the game would not be over just yet for the Mediterranean-Middle East. Husam Rafai would give Ahmed Ellaz a beautiful short ball to cannon over the line on the right edge, and Jay Jagadish would covert to leave it close at 32-28 with six minutes left.

ASEAN would force an error from the Mediterranean-Middle East, which would be enough for ASEAN to get the win 32-28.


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