Solomon Islands vs Turkey Emerging Nations Cup Pool C Preview

The Solomon Islands will play only their 3rd ever sanctioned game when they face Turkey on the 1st of October. The Solomon Islands currently sit 42nd in the World Rankings while Turkey remain un-ranked, however, this Turkish side boast NRL and Super League experience in the form of Jansin Turgut and Aidan Sezer, two players many have their eye on for this major event.

Solomon Islands : No team news provided

Turkey: 9. Alper Karabork 32. Kenan Tarpis 2. Errol Carter 4. Arda Dalcik 24. Huseyin Karabork 26. Jaydin Salman-Cochrane 7. Aydin Salman-Cochrane 8. Adem Baskonyali (VC) 6. Ali Bokeyhan Surer 12. Enes Erten 33. Volkan Er 11. Emre Kutup 13. Jansin Turgut 10. Yusuf Dagdanasar 18. Erdem Cagdas 17. Alican Acar 20. Ata Doruk Celiktutan.

Julien Treu from the TRL stated "We expect a tough and fast game from an opponant we know little off. Players from Europe and Turkey arrived 4 days ago which gave our coach Scott Hartas a little bit of time to see them. From what I have seen Scott has done a great job preparing the team for our first match. Everyone will give their best tomorrow and we will be looking for a victory to start well the competition."


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