RLATG National Club Championship - Eliminators

The regular season is over and the finals begin, this all teams last chance to try to make the semi's, 3rd playing 5th and 4th playing 6th, the winner of both games will then play for a spot in the final. The winner of Eliminator 1, Dragons vs Vikings, will play the Duhaney Park Red Sharks, Eliminator 2 is JDF Warriors vs Washington Boulevard Bulls, the winner taking on the GC Angels for a spot in the final.

Eliminator 1 - Liguanea Dragons vs Spanish Town Vikings

The Dragons will certainly not be taking this game lightly or underestimating their opponents, the Vikings stunning Liguanea in round 1 with a 27-14 victory, something the Adrian Hall will have repeated over and over to his players. The Vikings are a side with points in them and they have shown that all season, however, their defence has been their Achilles heel time and time again conceding 350 points in the last 10 games, averaging at 35 points a game. The Vikings will take confidence in the fact that the Dragons have only scored 15 points more than them on the field, this shows just how important defence will be in this fixture, undoubtedly the team that defends better will win this game. 

Eliminator 2 - JDF Warriors vs Washington Boulevard Bulls

The Warriors and the Bulls have faced off twice this year, both times the Warriors keeping Washington Boulevard in single figures and the Warriors taking the win. JDF were very close to sneaking into the top 2 and were very unlucky not to be there, this will be their last chance to make the push for the finals, the winner taking on the GC Angels next week in the semis. The Bulls will have studied up on their opponents, picking out the likes of Nikolai Kennedy, Roland Gray and Roydell Reid as three big players to watch in this fixture. The Bulls will need to find points in this game, as the league's lowest point scorers in 2018, they will need to come into this game with a keen focus on their attack.


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