Asean Rugby League Ready For ENWC Challenge

The Asean Rugby League Association are ready to take on whatever challenges the Emerging Nations Cup is ready to throw at them, they will play in a side tournament running in parallel for Emerging Nations made up of players from different countries on their continent.

They will play The Mediterranean Rugby League, Africa United and the Latin Heat as the 4 teams battle for supremacy. The Asean side will be made up of players from; Vietnam, Thailand, Maynmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, China and Singapore.This will be the debut for this joint venture and the anticipation of their debut is eagerly awaited by both the players and the tremendous support behind them. 

Lam Nguyen of Vietnamese decent has traveled to various destinations to play Rugby League but this is the first time he has represented any nation, going on to say "I've been playing for about 8 years now, I started playing with my friends and that's how I got started, obviously growing up and being of Asian heritage there are no Asians playing Rugby League and going to school and seeing others playing it is what really got me into the game. At my local club I'm the only Vietnamese player there, so I have other Asean teamates there but I'm the only Vietnamese player."

Lam spoke of his disbelief when he got the call up from Asean Rugby League Director, Geoff Bommel, saying "He just messaged me randomly on Facebook, he said Lam, you don't know me or who I am but my name is Geoff Bommel, allow me to introduce myself, I'm head of the Asean Rugby League and just to let you know that there's an opportunity for you to play Rugby League here (Emerging Nations World Cup) it was shocking but it's such an honour to be representing Asia."

For Issac Guerin this experience means a lot more than Rugby League, it's helped him want to discover more about a side of himself he knows little about, explaining that growing up he didn't know his dad and therefore had little exposure to his Cambodian heritage " It's made me want to go over there (Cambodia) and explore, I've been over to Vietnam and Thailand and they have so many people trying to get the sport going but nobody is really looking at Cambodia so I really want to go over and try and help get things going".

Issac went on to explain that this is not his international debut, having previously played for the Latin Heat due to his Grandmother on his mum's side Latin heritage "I really want to beat them (Latin Heat) mostly out of all the teams and Africa, they'll all be really professional and they've been training for a long time, they'll be bigger than us as we aren't a big side, it's going to be pretty hard work but I'm sure we'll get the job done.


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