Tigers beat the Knights 25-16

It's was a milestone game for Shaun Kenny-Dowall playing his 250th, he was hoping to turn his previous milestones around with a win this time, and from the kick off it didnt seem likely. The Tigers took first points starting the game Esan Marsters kick a penalty goal.

Both teams dropping the ball making for lots of broken sets, both teams creating and releasing pressure in equal measure.

The knights finally get set in the Tigers danger zone and a close call near the line is covered by the Tigers.

Farrah kicks a nice grubber, Thompson almost scores until Ponga takes it out in goal. The resulting dropout giving great attacking position to the Tigers. Marshall dribbles a kick through and get a penalty.

Russell Packer, spins out of a tackle and makes it look easy as the Knights are expecting an offload and runs straight in for a try. Converted by Esan Marsters

Moses Mbye scoops up a nice 40/20 attempt from Pearce and the Tigers just get through their sets.
Pearce kicks cross field, and Sione Mata'utia catches the ball cleanly to score a try. Ken Sio hits the upright to fail the conversion.

The following kick off shows Benji Marshall as injured and the Tigers get the ball in the Knights half. Penalty goal to the Tigers

It's a coach killing cardinal sin as the Knights kicked the ball out on the full. Giving a penalty at half way. The Knights manage to keep the Tigers at bay with Benji's end of set not his best. The following set from the Knights ended up in a 7 tackle set to the Tigers. The Knights handing possession over and over to the Tigers.

Pearce picks up a grubber from Brooks, passes the ball back and hands its straight back to Benji. Ken Sio get's penalised for a professional foul against Benji Marhsall and Esan Marsters kicks a penalty as Ken Sio walks to the sin bin.

A weird series of events occur as Pearce rebounds a kick off Farrah which counts as a knock on the following few sets see the Tigers unable to complete an attacking set.

After Ponga knocks a bomb on giving the Tigers the ball at 10m, Luke Brooks strolls in for an easy try. Esan Marsters missed the conversion.

Robbie Farrah backs up Brooks through the line and catches an offload from Brooks to score a Try, which is converted by Esan Marsters.

An explosive run and a massive right step from Ponga gets him past Elijah Taylor and across the line. Ken Sio converts the try.

A massive bomb from Benji saw Brooks flashing through only to be diffused by Ponga. The Knights fight their way upfield and Aiden Guerra carried Tigers over the line to score. Ken Sio converts and puts the Knights back within a converted try.

Sione Matautia hands the ball back with an error infront of the Knights goal. Farrah drops the ball running to the line and the Knights march up field on the back of a late penalty. They failed to capilatise on that and both teams settled back into their sets until Luke Brooks launches a sweet field goal to make it twice has hard for the Knights .

Esan Marsters kicks a penalty goal to close out the game. A late surge from the Knights off a short kick off fails to change the outcome.

The Tigers closed the game out with the field goal and penalty goal, but I felt the Knights were always in the game, the Tigers were just too good today

- Jeremy


Russell Packer 14'
Luke Brooks 38'
Robbie Farah 48'  
Esan Marsters 15'
Esan Marsters 49'
Esan Marsters 2'
Esan Marsters 22'
Esan Marsters 27'
Esan Marsters 79'
Field Goal
Luke Brooks 74'


Sione Mata'utia 18'
Kalyn Ponga 56'
Aidan Guerra 63'
Ken Sio 58'
Ken Sio 65'


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