Round 22 Preview: Titans Vs Panthers

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Gold Coast Titans Vs Penrith Panthers
Venue: CBus Stadium
Date: 11th August 2018
Time: 3:00PM

1. Michael Gordon
2.Anthony Don
3.Konrad Hurrell
19.Brendan Elliot
5.Philip Sami
6.Alexander Brimson
7.Ashley Taylor
8.Jarrod Wallace
9.Nathan Peats
10.Ryan James
11.Kevin Proctor
12.Keegan Hipgrave
13.Jai Arrow
14.Mitch Rein
15.Moeaki Fotuaika
16. Jack Stockwell
17.Will Matthews
20.Jai Whitbread
21.Kane Elgey   


1.Tyrone Peachey
2.Josh Mansour
3.Waqa Blake
4.Dean Whare 
5.Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 
6.James Maloney
7.Nathan Cleary 
19.Jack Hetherington 

9. Sione Katoa 
10. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
11.Viliame Kikau  
12.Isaah Yeo
13.James Fisher-Harris

14.Tyrone May 
15.Trent Merrin 
16.Moses Leota 
17. Corey Harawira-Naera  
18. Christian Crichto
20. Kaide Ellis  

Match Preview
The Panthers will want to prove themselves this week that they can control and win a game without having to come from behind to steal it. The Titans are in party ruining mode, making several top 8 teams think twice about an "easy win" after pummeling the Warriors but cast shadows of doubt on themselves for not backing up against the Eels.

Key Matchups
I'm looking forward to the see how Jai Arrow fairs against the return or Regan Campbell-Gillard. Jai's form has been awesome this season and we will find out if Regan's cyber jaw is rock solid or made of glass.

Also Ash Talyor vs the Cleary/Maloney show. If Cleary can keep his mind on the game and not the club/family drama this week then the NSW origin halves should do well. The titans should keep an eye out for Maloney's cut out passes.

Jeremy's Prediction 
With all the upheaval at the Panthers, we will find out today how much the drama has effected their preparation and mindset for this week.  I reckon the Panthers will consolidate and show true team spirit and take the win for eachother. Panthers by 12

- Jeremy


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