Panthers pounce from behind to win 40-31 over the Raiders


Penrith have made a name for themselves coming back once again from being down  by 14 points to steal victory from Canberra 40-31 in one of the season's highest scoring games this year.

Even with a hat-trick from Joseph Leilua, the Raiders couldn't steam the tide as the Panthers put on try after try in last quarter of the game to steal the win. This is the sixth time this year they have come from behind like this to win, keeping them in in fifth spot on the ladder.

Panthers winger Josh Mansour grabbed a dubious pass from James Maloney and sprinted down the sideline to give his side the lead with eight minutes remaining after the Panthers had chased their tails for the majority of the clash.

The Raiders had a seven-point lead inside the final 14 minutes thanks to a Sam Williams field goal but Maloney made sure of the win by scoring at the death.

The Raiders looked like they could pull of an upset this week, fast out of the gates building a 26-12 lead at halftime, with the Panthers being their own worst enemy with errors and penalties.
 Viliame Kikau broke through early in the game and not long after James Tamou stepped through to give the Panthers the lead.

Leilua took advantage of a quick tap from close range to get over for his first try of the afternoon. Canberra answered with a converted try and penalty goal to take a two-point lead.

The Panthers hit back almost immediately following the restart with Tyrone Peachey finding nice space to slice between Leilua and Joseph Tapine.

Canberra hit their groove with three tries in the final 14 minutes of the opening half.

Off the back of a charging Elliott Whitehead, the Raiders put on an amazing try with Aidan Sezer putting on a boomerang kick for Jordan Rapana out wide, who offloaded to Leilua to score his second try of the game.

Kikau had a mixed afternoon with penalties and errors in his game the worst being before half time when he gave up the ball for Rapana to power down the length of the field to score.

But Canberra will really regret an early chance in the second half with Rapana throwing a forward pass, leaving Nic Cotric to be denied with the line open.

Peachey and Leilua tried to see who could score the most but it was ultimately the Panthers with their never say die attitude taking he win, much to Ricky Stuart's dismay.


  • James Tamou 1'
  • Tyrone Peachey 19'
  • Dean Whare 46'
  • Tyrone Peachey 59'
  • Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 70'
  • Josh Mansour 72'
  • James Maloney 78' 
  • Nathan Cleary 3'
  • Nathan Cleary 20'
  • Nathan Cleary 47'
  • Nathan Cleary 60'
  • Nathan Cleary 74'
  • Nathan Cleary 79' 
  • Joseph Leilua 5'
  • Elliott Whitehead 26'
  • Joseph Leilua 33'
  • Jordan Rapana 39'
  • Joseph Leilua 55' 
  • Sam Williams 7'
  • Sam Williams 27'
  • Sam Williams 35'
  • Sam Williams 39' 
Penatly Goals
  • Sam Williams 13'  

Field Goals
  • Sam Williams 67'


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