Panthers comeback against the Titans to win in Golden Point

Before the kickoff, the Panthers were getting a talking to from Maloney. The drama from earlier in the week. This is how the Panthers have done it 3 times in a row.

A penalty against the markers gave the Titans great position, Ryan James charges between the posts and stretches his arm out to score with 2 Panthers on him. Ash Taylor converts.

On the back of a great break by Whare, the Panthers shifted to the left but their grubber was diffused. Coming out of trouble a forward pass gave the Panthers another opportunity which ended up in a drop ball. Ash Taylor kicked it out on the full inviting the Panthers back in.

Regan Campbell-Gillard peeks through the line, hands off to Cleary back to Campbell-Gillard with Peachey backing up and a producing an awesome pass to allow Waqa Blake  to score in the corner. Converted by Cleary

A amazing break from Anthony Don pushes past Maloney, and makes it almost to the try line onlyto be run down by Peachey and Campbell-Gillard awesome effort by the front rower. Hurrell pushes a pass and on the back of a penalty, the Panthers are back to halfway, almost as quickly as that happened the Titans are back on halfway, pushing through tackles to be back on the Panthers line.
Hurrell lines up Peachey and bundles him back in goal.

Straight out from dummy half Nathan Peats tunnels through. Tyrone Peachey strips the ball creating an interesting scneraio to be denied by the video ref.

The Panthers have been clunky in attack, some odd spacing and passing issues derailing great field position.

As Taylor spreads the ball wide, Konrad Hurrell kicks the ball out on the full again inviting the Panthers in. Cleary steps through ending up in Mansour dropping the ball surrounded by Titans.

A swinging arm from Jack Hetherington ends up with 10 in the bin. The last part of the 1st half saw a comedy of errors from both teams. The Titan's werent watching and the Panthers sneak a dropout over the sideline, the first tackle suddenly the ball is dropped, the errors continue

Dean Whare cleans up Elgey getting the ball back for the Panthers. The Panthers march fast upfield and the last tackle of the half leaves James Maloney clutching his leg injured. An error ridden first half leaving the scores locked at 6 all

Almost immediately after the return of Hetherington, he conceded another penalty which gave the Titans overwhelming numbers over the Panthers allowing Phillip Sami to stroll in untouched. Taylor misses the conversion

A massive play as AJ Brimson takes Waqa Blake over the sideline, putting his body on the line  to get the ball back for the Titans. Overall this entire game has been scrappy with poor ball control on both sides.

A break from Hurrell passed to Don who streaks down the sideline. Peachey's high tackle giving the Titan's position. Another error ending up with a forward inside pass.

A lucky penalty for Merrin gives the Panthers position and a few tackles later, he drops it. A seires of other errors leading up to Campbell-Gillard to be held up. Maloney's cut out ball gives Anthony Don a length of the field try. Converted by Kane Elgey.

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak makes a break and gets round the Titans only to be taken over the sideline.
The Titans put up a bomb and the Titans get a penalty off a Waqa Blake escort.

Hight tackle from Elgey invites the Panthers in and suddenly Maloney has the ball stripped by Arrow. Another error from Penrith.

Maloney chooses the grubber over a long ball with kikau coming close to scoring.

Whare burst through the line off the right foot and a great pass to Cleary to dive in for a try. Cleary converts his own try. 16 plays 12 4mins to go. Just when the Panthers look like they might pull off a third comeback victory the Panthers pass it over the sideline. The Titans march upfield and Talyor shows his game management finding touch on the last.

In the last  minute James Maloney Viliame Kikau to Dallin Watene-Zelezniak combine for an amazing last minute try leaving it up to Cleary to kick the conversion. Just when we though it was all over the Panthers come from behind to force golden point.

 The Titans receive first and dont even make it to half way. Peachey returns the kick and Cleary's field goal attempt is only just short. Taylor's field goal attempt gives the Panthers seven tackles and this time Nathan Cleary slots it over with ease. Totally gobsmacked how this game panned out. Who would have thought the Panthers would win this one, but this is how they win at the moment.

  • Ryan James 2'
  • Phillip Sami 43'
  • Anthony Don 58' 
  • Ashley Taylor 4' (Conversion)
  • Kane Elgey 59' (Conversion)
  • Waqa Blake 13'
  • Nathan Cleary 74'
  • Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 79'
  • Nathan Cleary 14' (Conversion)
  • Nathan Cleary 75' (Conversion)
  • Nathan Cleary 83'  (Field Goal)
- Jeremy


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