Round 25 Preview: Thurston’s Send Off

Gold Coast Titans v North Queensland Cowboys at Cbus Super Stadium, 5.30pm.

Titans: 1. AJ Brimson 2. Anthony Don 3. Konrad Hurrell 4. Brenko Lee 5. Phillip Sami 6. Kane Elgey 7. Ashley Taylor 8. Jarrod Wallace 9. Nathan Peats 10. Ryan James 11. Kevin Proctor 12. Keegan Hipgrave 13. Jai Arrow
Interchange: 14. Mitch Rein 15. Moeaki Fotuaika 16. Jack Stockwell 17. Will Matthews
Reserves: 18. Bryce Cartwright 21. Brendan Elliott
Players cut: 19. Jai Whitbread 20. Leilani Latu
Cowboys: 1. Ben Hampton 2. Kyle Feldt 3. Justin O’Neill 4. Kane Linnett 5. Gideon Gela-mosby 6. Te Maire Martin 7. Johnathan Thurston 8. Matthew Scott 9. Jake Granville 10. Jordan McLean 11. Gavin Cooper 12. Coen Hess 13. Jason Taumalolo
Interchange: 14. Ethan Lowe 15. John Asiata 16. Shaun Fensom17. Scott Bolton
Reserves: 19. Jake Clifford 21. Shane Wright
Players cut: 18. Francis Molo 20. Javid Bowen
Match Preview:
Well here we have it, the day we’ve all been trying to avoid! The day the one and only legend in Johnathan Thurston plays his final ever game in his final ever season. After 326 club games (game 327 to be played), 37 Origins for QLD, 39 International games for Australia, 6 Indigenous All Stars appearances and a couple of Prime Ministers XIII turn outs, it’s time we say goodbye to JT.
A credit to both teams for selling this game out, and I think the Gold Coast Titans deserves a round of applauds for being able to make this happen. This is a game where neither team can make finals, neither team can influence the finals, and both teams are just here to play for the jersey, the fans and the club. There’s no reason why this games deserves the massive finals preparation write up I usually do, it deserves to be honoured for what this game is about to give us all.
I’m glad Thurston gets his send off with a big brother vs little brother game. It’s not a home game which is disappointing, but it sure is in QLD, and that’s more than enough to pull a sold out crowd! The Titans fans won’t be here just for their team, but to send JT off the right way. I can guarantee Cowboys fans have travelled from all over to attend this game and see their captain one last time. And you’ll be blown away to know that many fans of other teams will be at this game purely to witness this man one last time. This is the last time we get to see this legend, so wether you’re at the game, or watching it from home like me, make sure you appreciate it, because it’s the last time we see this once in a lifetime player play.
Prediction: Who gives a s**t!
I won’t be caring who wins this, nor will I be paying attention. My eyes will be on one man, the one man who’s inspired so many to great things.


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