Broncos trample the Rabbitohs 38 - 18

The game started as a scrappy affair both teams struggling to complete a set. 4minutes in and Corey Oates takes advantage of a big overlap and scores off a cut out pass from Darius Boyd. Converted by Issako. 

The first quarter of the first half seemed to consist of stop start affairs, error riddled.

Once again the Rabbitohs right edge opened up and Corey Oates ran in untouched again. It looks like it might be a long night for the Bunnies. The conversion missed by Isaako off the upright.

Straight from the kickoff the Broncos dash upfield 60m in the first tackle. Suddenly they find themselves setup on the Rabbitohs line. The Broncos taking 2points from Jamayne Issako penalty.

Not long after Anthony Milford steps Cook and Burgess and a great pass to Corbin Sims leads to an awesome try.  Converted by Issako.

Brisbane seemed to have the upper hand but with 10mins left the Rabbitohs finally get some possession with a repeat set forcing a dropout and off that pressure and a bad read by Kahu leads to Richard Kennard diving in untouched. Converted by Reynolds

The Rabbitohs force 3 repeat sets on the Broncos line and the dropout is a low one but makes it 55. Using he last set of the half the Broncos hand over a penalty for the Rabbitohs to get back in the game 18-8 at half time

The Rabbitohs end up near the Broncos line off another Cook run.  After peppering the line a bad read from Nikorima leaves a big gap but the ball was dropped by Walker in the act of scoring.
John Sutton was denied a try, unable to see if he scored off a no try referral. 2 plays later the haves combine with the right side for Richard Kenner to score untouched again in the corner. Converted by Reynolds.

From an awesome shift through the Rabbitohs halves some lovely passes from the backs and Hymel Hunt scores in the corner evening the score. Reynolds misses the conversion leaving the scores locked.

Off the back of a well weighted kick to force a drop out, the Broncos come back to attach the Rabbitohs line, but Darius Boyd catches the ball on the inside making it an old fashioned shepard.

Not long afterward Corey Oates leaps above the Rabbitohs with a clean catch to dive in for a Try. Converted by Jamayne Isaako.

The Broncos score again off a series off defense dragging offloads. David Fafita scores in the corner carrying a few Rabbitohs with him. Converted by Isaako. Not long after that a penalty goal kicked by Isaako. The Broncos seemed to have taken the momentum back with the Rabbitohs unlucky and unable to take advantage of Broncos errors.

Kodi Nikorima plucks an intercept pass and runs the length of the field to score

The Broncos won convincingly against the Rabbitohs showing they can beat a top four team. Although the Rabbitohs weren't at full strength, the game management from Milford finally shone through

- Jeremy


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