The Worst Tries Given in 2018

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This season has had so many unexpected twists and turns, with teams who were meant to be up battling for the titles battling for the spoon. We've had breakout rookies, stars fall away quicker than Bryce Cartwright on a tackle and a miracle in Homebush. In saying that, the one constant is the fact that the referees have been the worst as a collective in quite a while.

We've seen the NRL’s best referee snubbed for State of Origin, we’ve seen forward passes that look like they belong in the NFL let go while passes out the back of the hands are forward, AND we’ve seen knock ons awarded as tries. With Sean O’Sullivan getting the better end of an absolute clanger last weekend, this edition of Chumpie’s 4 looks at the 4 worst calls (or no calls) that resulted in tries so far this year.

1. Sean O’Sullivan, RD 18 vs Gold Coast Titans

So much for a knock on - NRL

With this fresh in our minds, it goes as the first one on the list. I would not have had a problem if the ball was knocked back into the posts before going forward, but as we all know, that wasn’t the case. Instead, the Roosters rookie had his hand on the ball as it hit the post, before helping the ball forward towards the dead ball line. You can see it on the guys face that he knew he screwed the pooch, so image the delight of the Roosters fans when the green light came up. Cue social media hailstorm. The NRL said it was wrong, and the video refs should be dropped. Simple.

2. Nene MacDonald, RD 8 vs Sydney Roosters

Go to 7:30 for the decision

Probably the worst decision for me this season, somehow the Bunker decided that the Dragons winger maintained possession whilst trying to ground the ball in the left hand corner. That poor decision put the game to bed, with the NRL coming out to say that this was definitely a wrong call. I really do not need to say more that this, because the picture below tells 1000 words.
And he's dropped him! Or not... - Sporting News

3. Edrick Lee - Round 16 vs NZ Warriors

How would it feel knowing that the touch judge was right in line with a forward pass that looked like a flick to the running back of the New England Patriots, yet it was let go? Ask that question to a Warriors fan after this shocking call that cost the Warriors a home win against a rejuvinated Cronulla. Nothing against Edrick Lee, who did well to get this down, but the touch judge must have had his eyes painted on in order to miss this. The Warriors, with those 2 points, would be in the top 4 instead of 7th. This could cost them a second bite of the cherry.

4. Corey Oates - Round 8 vs Cronulla Sharks

The thing that everyone remembers about this try is the fact that Corey Oates probably scored what will be the try of the year with his putdown. The thing that very few seem to remember is that the pass from Darius Boyd was about 5 metres forward. The Broncos would end up taking the cake here as a direct result from this play, and while both teams are in the finals spots now, this could have derailed the Sharks season long before it started.

I know I have missed some, multiple obstruction calls and forward passes are always missed every week. The referee's have been on both ends of the spectrum, really good and really bad. I really hope that this is the same 4 that are around at the end of the season, but I will not hold my breath.



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