The moment the game lost another fan!

The moment the game lost another fan!

Yet another round of the NRL has been completed and just like the rest of the season, a number of matches were decided by the peanuts in the middle, those guys on the sideline that wave a flag and do nothing else and the idiots with what seems to be a million camera angles but still are unable to make the correct call.

Todd Greenberg (that useless guy that is one of the people running the game into the ground) spent millions on a bunker system that is run by a group of people that would be unable to correctly work a stop/go sign.

These people are meant to be professional. PROFESSIONAL!!! So why the hell do they make mistake after mistake week in week out? And on top of that, when these mistakes are made they are never punished. If the average person was to make as many errors at work as these guys they would be without a job.

The moment that put this fan over the edge, Sean O'Sullivans try last night. Every man and his dog knew that was a knock on. Crap even Roosters fan were saying it's a knock on, the rugby league world said knock on. Unfortunately though the bunker, you know that little thing the NRL spent millions on isnt in the rugby league world. Somehow those fools ruled a obvious knock on as play on.

Then the NRL have the audacity to post on Twitter "It wasn't pretty, but O'Sullivan get the job done!" It's like they are proud to show off errors that are made within the game, kind of like they will get something out of it.

Corrupt, biased and rigged. 3 words that are now used weekly, almost game to game due to the officials and the disgraceful decision they are coming up with.

The game is losing fans by the 1000s despite what the NRL would have you believe and it is directly due to the individuals in charge. Todd Greenberg, Bernard Sutton and Tony Archer all must go. The people in the bunker must go.

Then and only then will the fans come back and with a bit of luck games will be decided by the players and not the officials.

This is my own opinion and not that of RLATG



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