Origin depleted Broncos run roughshot over Titans

Big brother vs Little brother always makes for a great battle. Passions heat up with a bit of push and shove in the first few minutes. The Broncos find themselves across the line with terrific footwork from Katoni stags sets up Kodi Nikorima with an easy try. Converted by Jamayne Isaako (Titans 0, Broncos 6)

An error from Pangai Junior leads to a penalty for the Titans giving them excellent position.
A massive hit from Jonas Pearson put Michael Gordon on his back. A lazy arm from Hipgrave handing a penalty and another penalty walking them up field for Jamayne Isaako to take a shot at goal. (Titans 0, Broncos 8)

An unfortunate forward pass to Proctor from Taylor stops a certain try. After some more back and forth Ash Taylor bananas a 40/20 attempt out on the full putting the Broncos in prime position but a forward pass from Kodi Nikorima hands the ball back to the Titans.

After a line break, and a juggle and regather from Staggs he shrugs off Michael Gordon and manages to score himself a try. Converted off the uprights by Jamayne Isaako (Titans 0, Broncos 14)

The Broncos did well to keep the Titans down in their half, winning the battle for position late in the first half.

Kodi Nikorima has all the time in the world giving Anthony Milford time for an inside pass back to Darius Boyd who steps in for a try off a nice set play. Converted by Jamayne Isaako (Titans 0, Broncos 20)

Jamayne Isaako runs the length of the field, finds Nikorima looming up and hes just stopped at the line, the Broncos all but sure of scoring a try but not to be, incorrect play the ball hands the ball to the Titans. Taylor fails to find touch and the Broncos find themselves back down in Titans danger zone only for Milford to mess up playing the ball handing it back to the Titans. A scrappy end to the first half from both teams.

Great kick but just knocked on by the Titans after a perfect bounce from a miskick from Taylor. The Corbin Sims makes a great line break from a Milford pass, penalty to Broncos out front. It settles down to an arm wrestle there for a bit, the Titans getting a penalty to finally get down in the Broncos danger zone for once.  A week penalty for a high tackle give the Titans another set. A weird series of calls give the Titans another set and building pressure is released from a loose pass by the Broncos

The Broncos end up back down at the Titans line and its another penalty kick by the Broncos when they had all the momentum even the commentators are confused at that decision. (Titans 0, Broncos 24)

The broncos are once again on the attack and Joe Ofahengaue splits the two hookers and scores next to the posts.  Converted by Jamayne Isaako (Titans 0, Broncos 30)

A controversial call as a forward pass is called against Brisbane calling back Anthony Don from having a runaway try.

A strip for strip gives the Titans a chance down near the Broncos line. Gold coast cough it up and Kodi Nikorima makes a great line break only to lose the ball. The mistakes on both sides giving lots of chances to each other. A double movement for Will Mathews unfortunately means no try

The Titans really missed the metres and work rate of Jai Arrow, but the Broncos have more Origin players out this week.

An awesome line break by Boyd from another inside ruck pass from Milford is stopped and the Titans just handed it back on the first tackle. 9 linebreaks for the Broncos vs 0 for the Titans.

Jordan Kahu's slight of hand pass at the end of a sweeping double block play puts Jonus Pearson in to score on the wing to put the icing on the cake. Conversion missed (Titans 0, Broncos 34)



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