NRL: Is it time for a bad sportsmanship crackdown?

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NRL, it's time to crackdown on poor sportsmanship.
One of the biggest talking point last week was the poor sportsmanship shown by Canberra Raiders centre Joseph Leilua.
For those of you who missed it, the Raiders were able to post the most stunning of comebacks to defeat the Bulldogs 32-28 last week. The game was won by Leilua with a try on the buzzer to steal the game, however it quickly turned from a moment to remember, to a moment to forget for NRL fans.
After scoring the game winner, Joseph Leilua was embraced by his teammates as they celebrated the comeback, however Leilua ignoring his teammates, had his focus on an injured Brett Morris who hurt himself in an attempt to stop Leilua. It was a disgusting show of sportsmanship as he stood over the injured Bulldogs winger yelling, as he loudly bragged for all to see on live TV.
We've all read enough about this topic, and if not, you now know. While I must commend the Canberra coach Ricky Stuart for calling out his star centre on his actions, I can't help but think the NRL needs to consider actions upon these situations.
It's not just what Leilua did, but there's a lot of obvious poor sportsmanship on show, and it's infections for the young eyes watching the sport. It's also embarrassing for us NRL fans. Wether it's excessive bragging like Leilua, giving a cheeky dog shot while the officials aren't paying attention, or even kicking, throwing or holding the ball to slow down the play when the opposition is given a penalty.
It's small detailed things, but if not cracked down on, can and will get worse. I would like to see the NRL cracking down on these. Wether it's seen in game, or an after game review. The last thing we need is our juniors picking up on this behaviour and these trends, and unless cracked down on, we won't see it improve.
The AFL has a strict no time wasting penalty. If the opposition is given a penalty, you are to immediately hand over the ball, or make an attempt in giving the ball to the penalised team if you are closest to the ball. If you kick the ball away, throw the ball away, or hold the ball long enough to be deemed a delay and trying to slow down the advantage, the penalties are severe. The NRL is always going on about trying to speed up the game, and here's another tip. Crack down on the silly stuff! Not only will it speed up the game, but help fight against the attitude issues we have within the sport.
The NRL needs to implement the idea of immediately handing over the ball when you concede a penalty, it will improve the game flow and truly give the opposition the advantage, for example, a quick tap. If any type of delay is seen, the penalty needs to be marched an extra 10 metres, similar to the AFL 50 metre penalty. Push your luck to much? Enjoy 10 in the bin.
This goes for incidents like the Leilua situation. Everyone is gonna brag, but there needs to be a line, and just like the NFL, the team who pushes their luck in bragging needs to be penalised. A penalty will quickly solves this issue, and if it's after scoring a try like Leilua did, simly deny the try and penalise the player, or give the try and penalise the player deeming a half way line penalty for the team conceding the penalty. Void the kick off and penalise the scoring team.
We saw a lot of criticising against Leilua, but nothing from the NRL, and unless action is taken in the future, we will only see more of it in not only the NRL but youth leagues.
It's time for a crackdown on poor sportsmanship NRL. 
Would you agree? 


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