Debutantes have a Ball as the Titans lose to the Roosters

Despite resting their Origin stars, the Roosters blooded new players Paul Momirovski, Sean O'Sullivan and Poasa Faamausili, with all scoring a try today. The depleted roosters started off with a penalty to get their first 2 points. A great kick return from Gordon, getting the Titans up field but Taylor puts it dead giving a 7 tackle set to the Roosters.

Blake Ferguson charges through on a bomb, Ash Taylor passes point blank to Brencko Lee, who knocks it on. Matt Butcher scoops up the scraps and on review knocks it onto Brencko Lees leg as he's putting it down, a sigh of relief coming from the crowd. 2 plays later Momirovski scores a try on debut, converted by Takeaho (Titans 0 - Roosters 8)

The Titans then charge down the field gaining huge metres to setup Moeaki Fotuaika to push over near the sticks. (Titans 6 - Rooster 8)

Ferguson takes a bomb on the full, running upfield getting the roosters in great position. Butcher almost spins past Taylor and the Roosters manage to get the ball back from the Titans dropout

A great line break from the Titans comes to an end from a 1on1 strip. Controversial call gives the Roosters a penalty in front, then another both times they tap and go. 3 in the space of 3 tackles resulting in the "warning". Will Matthews is given 10 in the bin for coming in late. Blake ferguson scores in 20sec of the send off to be denied due to a bunker obstruction decision.

So the Titans are get past halfway until Taylor deals a shocking pass. The roosters equally as shocking a drop ball to Butcher. The Titans come close to scoring the Titans forwards combining close to the line.

That was an awkward Solomon rolls the ball of the pads after hitting it on the way in to score. Everyone is confused, but the bunker says the player pushed the ball back into the post, (knock back) then its fallen forward.. anyway its a Try! (Titans 6 - Rooster 14)

Don jams in on a rooster play, forcing a scrum as Mathews returns to the field, leads to a series of drop balls for both teams to wrap up the half

2nd Half both teams going set for set until Taylor knocked a ball on during a tackle. The  Roosters almost scoring from the scrum base. Faamausili storming in under the posts of a short ball from Baptise which appeared to be forward, close to the line. Try converted by Blake Ferguson (Titans 6 - Rooster 20)

Luke Keary sent for 10 for tackling Taylor without the ball. Lani Latu's pass lets Jarrod Wallace score right next to the post. (Titans 12 - Rooster 20)

The roosters then get back down to the Titans line, Friend kicks it into Hurrell who knocks it on.The Roosters setup camp with a repeat set from Sean O'Sullivan's grubber. The Roosters proceed to tick the time down while taking a penalty goal, missed by Ferguson

Wallace looked sure to score, but a lead runner obstruction call put a stop to that.
Ash Taylor kicks for Philip Sami, and the Roosters knock it dead. Just when it looked like the Titans were building to something, a drop ball from Will Mathews hands it right back.

Luke Keary manages the last few minutes kicking the ball out, setting up to close out the match. The Titans try to give it one more effort, but Hurrell was too flat for the last pass.

Roosters win 20-12

- Jeremy


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