Could An Expansion League Solve League 1's Issues?

Many have been opposed to the expansion of Super League to clubs outside the UK; Toronto, New York and many others. The premise of their opposition is that these clubs are entered into League 1 to face off against struggling sides while being backed by multi-millionaires.

There are also clubs that have outgrown their leagues through the effort and dedication of those on-board, building a self-sustaining structure and producing home-grown talent to aid the development of Rugby League. Two clubs have already submitted bids to join League 1 as of 2020 and 2021, One is the Villenueve Leopards of France and the other is Red Star Belgrade of Serbia.
With so many clubs taking an interest in the English League's should their be a new competition setup to facilitate the needs of clubs growing out of their nations bounds, this would help expand the game without the requirement of losing established League 1 clubs.

There could also be opportunities for teams from both Scotland and Ireland to join such a competition. The Irish side Longhorns featured in the 2018 Challenge Cup and will no doubt be itching to get more involved, the Edinburgh Eagles have enjoyed 10 seasons of success at Scotland's highest level of domestic Rugby League, another willing participant to play at a more competitive level.

This will not just boost teams prospects but it will also improve the ever growing demand for Sports Tourism, as people leave their countries to go and watch the teams they follow, bringing big crowds and stimulating local economies. Do you think such a competition would work and would you support it?


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