Chumpie's 4: The best NRL Brawls since 2010

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The basketball on Tuesday morning ended up reminding quite a few rugby league fans of the good old days, with an all-in between the Philippines and the Australians Boomers leading to ejections from 14 players. It's been a while since we have had an all-in punch on in the NRL, although Curtis Scott and Dylan Walker brought the memories back earlier in the year at Brookvale Oval.

It got us thinking as to what brawls on the field have really left an imprint (no pun intended) in our minds in the last decade. There's a few that have and will be replayed for many more years, so here, in no particular order we look at the 4 best, or worst brawls since 2000.

4. Glenn Stewart vs Adam Blair, Round 25, 2011

How can you talk about a list of the best brawls without mentioning this absolute belter between two premiership winning forwards at the end of 2011. Both had thrown punches during a brawl close to the Melbourne tryline and both were sent to the sin bin for their parts in that. However, this brawl become infamous because of what happens next. Adam Blair taunts Stewart, who then decides that round two is going to happen right on the sideline next to the benches. Punches fly, none hit, the cavalry comes and all 34 players are within a swing of the action in no time. Both players end up sent off, but it wouldn't affect the Sea Eagles in the long run as they would win the 2011 Premiership.

3. Paul Gallen vs Nate Myles, State of Origin 1, 2013

State versus state, mate versus mate, New South Wales versus Queensland. Any State of Origin game always has the potential to account for hot tempers and this was no different. Half time was beckoning, Queensland were working it up the field with one out plays and Paul Gallen hit Nate Myles with a swinging arm. Myles replied with a jab on the ground and a push after the play the ball. Cue pandemonium, with Gallen hitting Myles flush on the head and players screaming in from all over the place. It was this incident that made the NRL bring in the automatic sin bin for anyone throwing a punch, so you can thank Gallen and Myles for the end of the biff.

2. Dylan Walker vs Curtis Scott, Round 11, 2018

Manly and Melbourne, you know that something will happen when these two teams clash. It was the game that caused controversy across the league, with Curtis Scott the first man to be sent off since 2015 thanks to this incident. It nearly went off earlier in the game, with a good chunk of pushing and shoving in the first half. It would all go off in the second, with Dylan Walker talking shit, so Curtis Scott made sure that Walker was hit. A couple of flush haymakers broke Walkers orbital bone, while Api Koroisau got a shot in around the edges. Walker and Koroisau went for 10 minutes, Scott was sent off and both teams blamed a timekeeping error as the two Manly players came on a minute early.

1. Wests Tigers vs Canberra Raiders U20s, 2013

Nathan Brown, Mitch Barnett, Kyle Lovett.  Three names that have played in the NRL over the last few seasons. Three names that were in the middle of what is thought to be the ugliest brawl in NRL history, first grade or in the U20s. Words won't do the video justice, so just go and have a look at it. Long story short, Nathan Brown and Mitch Barnett were sent off, Kyle Lovett and Taka Pangai were sent to the sin bin, and rugby league got a bad rep for weeks off the back of this incident.

For better or worse, the biff has always been and probably will always be a part of rugby league. It's just a matter of when it happens again, not if. What do you think? Are these the best 4 of the 2010s? Let us know.

Luke aka Chumpie


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