Broncos keep the Sharks at bay.

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 Broncos defeat the Sharks 12-10

This match promised to be intense and it certainly delivered. Both teams going at each other.

Corey Oates finishes off an awesome breakaway try after Darius Boyd intercepts and hands it off to Oates from a bad Moylan pass.

An amazing series of offloads no less than 6 passes leads to a Valentine Holmes try to take back the lead. The scrambling broncos defense valiant. It to no avail

A barn storming hit and spin from Matt Lodge takes 4 sharks across the line after a set play close to the sharks line off a short Andrew McCullough pass. A fast and intense half between both teams. The Broncos holding back the sharks attack.

A simple couple of sets to start the second half, each team bombing and working on field position.
James Segeyaro dashes from dummy half. Dummy’s his way through and sends it off to Holmes who streaks away for the try. Chad Townsend misses making it 10 all

Both teams playing with real intensity showing. I signs of letting up in defence or attack. Only a Penalty out front for the broncos to edge ahead off the boot off Jordan Kahu.

Holmes puts a kick through and follows through, Townsend said to be offside, penalty to the broncos only for the broncos to hand the ball back from a fallen tackle. Great scramble from the broncos to manage to stop what like a certain try. After a penalty helps them upfield puts them in premium position almost sweeping in until caught in the corner on last tackle.

Another Segeyaro breakthrough almost scores. Jayson Bukuya bombs a certain try only had to pass. Somehow they end up with the ball. 2 errors from the sharks so close to the broncos line. The sharks struggling to convert possession into points. Townsend kicks the ball low and from the tap the broncos hand the ball back. Mistakes adding to the pressure from sharks attack

The game swings the other way with Milford forcing a dropout. Jamayne Issako ends up flipped after leaping over Matt Moylan and James Roberts, leaving him grounded. After the mid air tackle was deemed dangerous the Broncos thread the needle to force another short dropout from the sharks. After another set, the grubber from Milford leads to another knock on from Cronulla. The following play sees James Roberts dropping a wayward pass letting the Sharks off the hook.

The game was relentless, end to end play from both sides throwing everything at each other. A hard fought game with the only quarter given being the errors.

Corey Oates knocks on from a bomb giving the Sharks the ball. The sharks camped on the Broncos line unable to get over the line. From there the Broncos managed the game and defended multiple sets on their own line to close it out. The 44 minute conversion missed by Chad Townsend proved the difference in this match

13 Corey Oates
21 Mathew Lodge
22 Jordan Kahu (conversion)
48 Jordan Kahu (penalty)

18 Valentine Holmes
19 Chad Townsend (conversion)
44 Valentine Holmes


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