Anyone want a Bulldog?

Last year it was Graham and Reynolds, this year Mbye and Woods. Who is next you ask? Well nothing is guaranteed in the crazy world of the NRL but David Klemmer has agreed that if asked by the board he would move on.

Now don't worry Bulldogs fans, the Australian and New South Wales prop doesn't want to leave the club. But he would if it helps the club out.

“It’d be hard for me but if it was to help the club and if they needed help I would, but it would be very hard for me to do,” Klemmer, who is contracted with the Dogs until the end of 2020, told Channel 9 News.

“… It wouldn’t be (my choice) and it would be a tough time for me but that’s rugby league now, it’s a business and yeah, it’d be tough (to leave).”

Though there seems to be no plans at Belmore to move the big man on, this is surely something that will come as a shock to those within the club, giving clubs such as the Roosters, Eels and possibly the Sharks (dont ask me how) a sniff at what they want the most. A representative prop.

For the sake of the Bulldogs fans, I hope the big man who burst onto the scene back in 2013 stays at the club that gave him his start. He is already a leader of the pack and for the club moving forward he needs to remain.

“I want to stay for these tough times and I want to get through it as a club,” he said.

“There was some light in the tunnel on the weekend and we’ve just got to stick through it and stick solid and we’ll get through it.”

We've all heard about the Bulldogs cap situation and with players such as Eastwood and the Morris twins not being re-signed at seasons end, hopefully for the Bulldogs this means they have the money spare to lock down their rep star long term.



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