An Open Letter to Todd Greenberg


It's time that we had a talk. The NRL is in disarray, and it has been for quite a while. It has not been right in a while, but since you have taken over things have taken a bit of a downward spiral and it needs to be fixed. Shall we go through a couple of things that have been stuffed around with since you've come on? No? Oh well, we will anyways.

Firstly, how's the refereeing going? It's such a hot topic, and such a rough go this year that Sporting News Australia has released an article looking at decisions that have affected each team in the NRL. Your best referee hasn't been in the best games, even though he and Gavin Badger are probably the two most respected referees in the game at the moment. Every weekend we are talking about a bunker stuff up or a game decisive call. Just last weekend, your protected referee in Cameron Smith got away with a high shot, and we won't go into the calls that ruined Canberra's season shall we?

I had this all written out, and then you allow Sutton to be “relegated” to the Titans v Warriors game while McFarlene and Reynolds are both dropped for their role on THAT try which screwed Canberra. Matt Checcin has had a great season but even he has been dropped to the pocket referee spot in the past 20 rounds. A please explain is needed, as well as the dropping of both Sutton’s from their roles and for you to stand up instead of having your balls in the trophy cabinet.

What about crowd attendance? Some games are cracking at the seams, others barely break 5,000 into a 90,000+ stadium. How can you justify talking up the game if people would rather stay home to watch said game? Sure, the ratings at home are up but more and more people are turning off the games because they can't stand how inconsistent it is becoming.

Wishing this wasn't a finals game... It was. Roosters/Panthers from 2017 Finals - Triple M
Speaking of consistency, how about the things that have come out of your month? You said that the NRL does not publicly release the Dally M votes, but it was because of that public access that Ruan Sims ended up resigning from her gig as a representative to vote.

You, along with the rest of the NRL and the Integrity Unit, overruled the sentence that Canberra had given Jack Wighton for his role in the assault case from earlier in the year. You've been about as consistent in your role as the NRL has been consistent with timekeeping in regards to players in the sin bin.

I'll give you some credit, I personally did enjoy the fact that the WNRL is coming in, as well as the fact that the women did get their own night during State of Origin. It does show that the women's game can draw, as well as providing scintillating football for everyone to watch. The touch football competition is an interesting concept, and with some fine-tuning, it could be something that will help expand the game.

Women's State of Origin? Good call Greenberg, one of maybe 3. - NRL
That's about as much credit as you get though, because the head of the NRL should be able to improve the game during his time at the helm. The ratings have increased, but that is about it. Game quality has decreased, obscurity and inconsistency is at an all high and fans are at their wits end. One of our guys in Danaan have already got to the point where he won't watch another game this year, and I'm sure he isn't the only one. Sort it out before we get to the finals, because you will have a war in your hands if something or someone from the NRL costs a team their place in September... again.



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