Ukraine UK Tour Update

The Milford Marlins First team and reserve grade were in action again this weekend, both sides coming away with wins, The first match was played by the second team against one of the Marlins closest rivals in the form of Stanningley, a club located less than a mile from the Marlins. Oleksandr Shcherbyna, Oleksandr Kozak, Alexander Skorbach, Oleksandr Syvokoz and Bogdan Veprik were in the starting line-up. The game was a hard hitting affair, but Milford worked very well in defense and attacked with power and purpose. The teams hard work was rewarded with a convincing Final score of 23: 0.

The first team from the Milford Marlins faced a challenging Oulton Raiders side. In her start the Kharkov citizen Yevgeny Trusov came out. Trusov is the top scorer of all Ukrainian Milford players and in this game he also made his mark in trademark Trusov style a powerful run to bag himself yet another try. The Marlins ran out 34-28 winners after tries from Joshua Nathaniel (2), Zac Snellgrove, Joe Ramsden and Trusov. These were the last two games for our boys before the national team meet, starting on June 25th in Kharkiv, and then to our qualifying game with Malta before the World Cup of 2021 on June 30th.

Milford Marlins: 1. Joshua Nathaniel 2. Matthew Brocksom 3. Steven Bacon 4. Matthew Harding 5. Ross Hammill 6. Zac Snellgrove 7. Jacob Skinner 8. Edward Wilson 9. Scott Jensen 10. Joe Ramsden 11. Yevgeny Trusov 12. Thomas Wilson 13. James Barker 14. Andrew Barker 15. David Warren 16. Richard Fenty 17. Alexander Skorbach

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Super League was equally as enthralling. The West Knights hosted the league leaders, the Lviv Tigers, on Sunday in Rivne at the Vodnik Stadium. A powerful meeting between the two giants of their respective areas, characterized by gripping Rugby League and fast expansive plays, brilliant tries and incredible emotions on display from all involved. The game would be decided in the last minute when the hosts put an a damning final try on the tigers and the West Knights would see the game out to go top of the Ukrainian Super League.


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