Ukraine - UK Tour Part 2

On June 9th the Milford Marlins, took on Leigh in the NCL Division 1. Coming in to the game the Marlins sat just outside the top 3 with an opportunity to go third with a win over the day's opponents. 3 of our Ukrainian partners featured for the Marlins first team, including; Mykhailo Trojan on the right wing, Yevhenii Trusov in the second row and Oleksandr Skorbach called up to the bench. 

From the word go it was clear that the pace of the game was to be unrelenting and that errors would not be forgiven by the Rangers. Both teams attempted to out enthuse each other in the opening exchanges in order to gain the mental upper hand, but it would be the hosts who would open the scoring and leave the Marlins chasing the game. A tight first half would draw to a close after a drop goal would edge Leigh out to a 1 point lead as the sides went into the sheds at a score of 11-10.

The Marlins would come out swinging in the second half and would soon recapture the lead from a stubborn Leigh side, however, the game would change after a number of injuries began to mount up against the Milford and the reserves were left depleted for large parts of the second half inevitably leading to fatigue on a scorching June day. 

In the closing exchanges of the game Yevhenii Trusov would cross for the Marlins after taking on the line and powering his way over to breathe life back into the game and put the visitors back within 5 points at a score of 27-22, unfortunately it wouldn't be enough and the game would finish up with the Marlins throwing everything they had left at the Leigh line, but the stern defense refusing to bow to the pressure. Not the result we wanted but overall a very entertaining game and the character of every man in green was embodied in the reluctance to lay down in the circumstances as the Milford pick up only their third loss in 11 games.

Milford Marlins - 1. Joshua Sunley 2. Mykhailo Trojan 3. Steven Bacon 4. Joshua Nathaniel 5. Matthew Brocksom 6. Zac Snellgrove 7. Jacob Skinner 8. Eddie Wilson 9. Andy Barker 10. Joe Ramsden 11. Dwaine McRae 12. Yevhenii Trusov 13. Josh Parle 14. Richard Fenty 15. John Elkington 16. Oleksandr Skorbach 17. James Barker

Tries - Joshua Sunley, Joshua Nathaniel, Zac Snellgrove, Yevhenii Trusov

Goals - Jacob Skinner (3)


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