Some glue required at the foot of the mountain.

Penrith Panthers 10 defeated by Manly Sea Eagles 18

A terrible start for Manly as they looked to spread the ball after the first tackle of the match, but Peachy forces an error by Parker and the Panthers were attacking instantly.

The Panthers were unable to score in the first set but did come up with another Manly forced error, this time it was Lane dropping the ball after some big contact. Manly looked to intentionally give a penalty away and Maloney decided to take the 2 points just shy of the 5 minute mark.

Manly had a chance to hit back instantly with Peachy dropping the ball in the Panthers first set after points, but the time Taupau dropped the ball to make it 0/3 in the completion column.

Thankfully for Manly though they got through the next set and Crichton dropping the Cherry-Evans kick and if you weren't watching the game you would think it was pouring, not a bright, clear and sunny afternoon.

The drop ball from Chricton gave Manly a whole set virtually on the Panther's line and the Manly side decided to go through the hands and it paid dividends as Thompson was able to barnstorm his way to the line, giving Manly the lead and DCE an easy shot to extend the lead 6-2.

Taupau though knocked on in the play-the-ball off the kickoff, game completion sitting at 2/7 after 12 minutes. Manly gave away another penalty on their line, this time though the Panthers go for the tap and would have been rewarded with a try, but a poor pass from Watene-Zeleniak seen the ball go over the sideline, for yet another incomplete set in the opening 15 minutes.

Manly finally finish another set and it almost resulted in more points, but the bunker correctly ruled Wright had knocked on the ball, after viewing the obvious error a handful of times.

The knock on and penalties continued at a high rate throughout the first half, but the Panthers eventually got their first try with just a bit over 5 minutes left. Watene-Zeleniak finished a set play from Katoa out of hooker and going over almost untouched next to the posts. With the Maloney conversion the Panther lead 8-6 and were able to hold onto that lead into the break.

Though they only held the lead with another disallowed try against Manly, due to a obstruction call in the dying seconds of the half.

The errors continued I the second half with Fisher-Harris dropping the ball off the kick off and Manly hit back immediately with Tom Trbojevic setting up his second try of the match within 90 seconds of the second half. Matthew Wright was able to just plant the ball down before going out, but it came at a cost as it seemed Wright dislocated his shoulder in grounding the ball.

The injury count continued with Dylan Walker needing to be carried off the field with a little over 30 minutes left with a left knee injury.

Panthers looked to have hit back from a pin point Cleary kick, but a double knock on ended with a no try decision and scrum ruled.

An offside penalty against Manly not long after gave Maloney a chance too level up from infront and with just over 20 minutes on the clock the scores were level again at 10 all.

Manly got a boost with 15 minutes to go as Cleary was ruled to have held DCE back after  a kick and correctly placed in the bin. Hodkinson put Manly back infront nailing the penalty kick from out wide.

Momentum was with Manly and an error at the back from the Panthers resulted in a drop out and with the extra number and an amazing offload Jake Trbojevic put Hodkinson through a whole and he put Manly 6 infront, 8 after converting his try with 9 minutes remaining.

With defeat looking all but certain, the game cost them more as Kikau copped a headbutt to an already injured knee limping from the field and signs didn't look positive.

Manly were able to hold on to the 8 point lead after a fast finishing Panthers side threw everything but the kitchen sink at them.



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