JRLA Open 9's Round Up

Group A: Cedar Grove Cyclones, Portmore Eliminators, St. Bess Sledgehammers, Western Kingston Warriors
Group B:  Ligunaea Dragons, Spanish Town Vikings, Washington Blvd Bulls, GC Angels
Top 2 teams from each Zone advance to Championship, Bottom 2 in each play for Cup (Consolation Final.)
Group A

Round 1
P. Eliminators 4 - 4 C.G Cyclones
Ref: Kemoy

WK Warriors 12-8 St B. Sledgehammers
Ref: Adrian

Round 2

C.G Cyclones 12-8 St B Sledgehammers
Ref: Kemoy

WK Warriors 8-0 P Eliminators

Round 3

St B Sledgehammers 20-4 P Eliminators
Ref: Bramwell

C.G Cyclones 4-4 WK Warriors

Group B

Round 1

Spanish Town Vikings 8-12 L. Dragons
Ref: Tarja

Washington Boulevard Bulls 8-0 P GC Angels
Ref: Bramwell

Round 2

GC Angels 12-16 Spanish Town Vikings
Ref: Bramwell

L. Dragons 8-8 Washington Boulevard Bulls

Round 3

GC Angels 0-12 L. Dragons
Ref: Kemoy

Washington Boulevard Bulls 4-4 Spanish Town Vikings
Ref: Adrian

Semis Championship
Match 1: Warriors 0 v Bulls 8 (Tarja     
Match 2: Cyclones 8 v Dragons 12 (Bramwell)  
Semis: Cup (consolation)
Match 1: Sledgehammers 12 versus Angels 0 (Bramwell)     
Match 2: Eliminators 0 v Vikings 16 (Adrian)   
Cup Finals (Consolation)
Sledgehammers 0 v Vikings 16 (Adrian)
Championship Finals
Bulls 20 versus Dragons 16 (Nickoli)

" The Open 9s was very successful with 8 teams taking part. It was pleasing to see WB Bulls take their first trophy as a young club. MVP Orlando Messado demonstrated some fine power running to chalk up two tries in their finals win. Liguanea was good throughout the day and it was pleasing to see the number of young players on display for them.

Three clubs were on debut in Kingston West Warriors, St Elizabeth Sledgehammers and Cedar Grove Cyclones. All gave excellent account of themselves and had good player numbers.  The Cyclones were mostly 18 and under and almost upset the Dragons in the  semis, they will be a force if they can stick together .
Portmore Eliminators have been revived after a number of years being dormant, that was also pleasing to see.

The hope is to see Sledgehammers, Cyclones, Eliminators and A team from Old Harbour join in an expanded RLATG National Division 2 competition at the end of the year. That would be the biggest and most significant legacy from this tournament . We also have to find a way to get these new clubs playing more 9s to stay active throughout the year."


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