Broncos stun Raiders with thrilling comeback

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Brisbane Broncos 26 defeat Canberra Raiders 22.
Match Review.
Coming into this weekend, this was touted my game of the round. The Broncos fighting to hold onto 8th place and a finals birth while the Raiders are sitting in 9th looking to pull a swap with the Broncos in the coming weeks and jump into the 8 themselves.

The first half was not so much an exciting game in terms of scoring, but rather the intensity and the grind. The Raiders were able to jump out to an early 6-0 lead in the opening 5 minutes when Elliott Whitehead went over after picking up a loose ball off a desperate pass attempt by Broncos half Anthony Milford on a poor fifth tackle option. However from there on out, it was an absolute dog fight.

The two teams spent the next half an hour going from attack to defence, and it was a real tug of war over not only the scoring, but field position and momentum. The Raiders were able to snag a penalty goal in the time, but that was the only scoring made by either team in that period.

The Raiders were able to extend their lead to 14-0 in the 32nd minute when an attacking set led to an overlap for young winger Nick Cotric to go over in the corner, and a penalty goal on half time extended the Raiders lead to 16-0. 

It was a great start to the second half for the Broncos with a flurry of offensive opportunities coming their way early. The Raiders defence finally cracked but when a through the hands play went out to the wing of Corey Oates who stepped back on the inside fooling 4 Canberra defenders before going over to close the gap for Brisbane.

The momentum continued after the try with a mixture of Canberra errors and a lift of intensity by Brisbane. That lift paid off yet again when on the the attack, Anthony Milford faked the out the back pass before putting a grubber in goal for Alex Glenn to dive on and bring the score back within 4 points with roughly 25 minutes remaining.

With 20 minutes to go, we saw the influence of Raiders hooker Josh Hodgson once again. The English hooker did what he does best, and when his team needed him most, he stood up. A great run by Shannon Boyd gave the opportunity for Josh Hodgson to dart out of dummy half and score the try to give the Raiders a bit of breathing room coming into the final quarter of the game.

The breathing room didn’t last long for Canberra though, as just like the Raiders do, they finish the game in a disastrous fashion. The Broncos packed on two quick tries with Jordan Kahu going over after picking up a loose ball on an attacking set, before Milford stepped his way through the defensive line to get his Broncos a 24-22 lead with 6 minutes remaining.

Despite the Raiders efforts to fight for the win, the Broncos were able to close out the game professionally forcing repeat sets and eventually winding time down on a penalty goal. The Broncos fought hard to come back from 16-0 down at the half to win the game 24-22.

Stonecold’s Player Of The Game: Anthony Milford (Broncos)

Brisbane Broncos:
47’ Corey Oates (Try)
48’ Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
52’ Alex Glenn (Try)
54’ Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
67’ Jordan Kahu (Try)
68’ Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
71’ Anthony Milford (Try)
73’ Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
79’ Jamayne Isaako (Penalty Goal)

Canberra Raiders:
3’ Elliott Whitehead (Try)
4’ Jarrod Croker (Conversion)
12’ Jarrod Croker (Penalty Goal)
32’ Nick Cotric (Try)
33’ Jarrod Croker (Conversion)
40’ Jarrod Croker (Penalty Goal)
59’ Josh Hodgson (Try)
61’ Jarrod Croker (Conversion)



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