Baby Blues hold on for game 1 victory.

New South Wales 22 defeated Queensland 12

Australia's greatest sporting rivalry kicked off at the coliseum that is the MCG to start the 2018 Origin series for a new era in Origin. The NSW side starting with 11 debutants and Queensland having 3, but the Queenslanders also went into the match missing the  big four. Smith, JT and Cronk retired and Slater missing another game through injury.

Queensland got the first penalty of the night through a soft decision by Sutton, ruling Mitchell to have slowly peeled out of a tackle. Queensland dominated the early minutes off the back of the penalty and through some great defence. Luckily to ease the pressure NSW got a penalty with Munster ruled to have run behind the back of Inglis attacking the line.

The first line break of the night went to Josh Addo-Carr after Tedesco got an offload away from a kick return. The run resulting in another penalty with Morgan ruled to have slowly peeled out of the tackle. The Blues on the attack got the first kick into the in-goal but with the ball hitting the ref before Cooper grounding it in goal line drop out was called.

The Blues pressure continued on the Queensland line with another drop out forced 2 sets later. Yet another soft penalty awarded by the refs allowing the Blues to get first points on the board with Maloney taking the 2 from in front after 18 minutes.

Queensland had a chance to hit back instantly with a backline play resulting in Chambers in open field, but Chambers dropped the ball cold. A quick play the ball off the back of the scrum seen Cook taking off out of hooker, he was able to link up with Maloney breaking through the line. Maloney was able to then find Tedesco on the inside who planted the ball down just left of the post for the first try of the night. Maloney was able to add the 2 giving NSW a 8 point lead after 23 minutes.

The first scuffle of the night came after Inglis lined up Tom Trbojevic from an offside position, with Munster running in to help the push and shove.

The Queenslanders had been on the back foot for almost the first 30 minutes of the game but after the NSW penalty a poor pass from Maloney seen Holmes take an interception and run 80m to score under the post. With converting his try the lead was back to 2.

Queensland had all the momentum after the Holmes try earning 2 goal line drop outs, or so it would seem until the bunker got involved in the match ruling Gagai was last to touch the ball before the ball went dead in-goal.

The last 5 of the half went end to end with no side able to score any extra points. With the siren going off in the back ground we had the second scuffle of the match with Chambers and Mitchell giving a bit of push and shove as the 2 sides headed for the sheds.

A forward pass from Maloney in NSW first set of the second half gave Queensland the perfect opportunity to hit the lead and through a lovely put down from a Hunt kick Gagai was able to put the Queensland side ahead. Holmes was able to get the sideline conversion, giving the Queenslanders a 12-8 lead after 44 minutes.

A lose carry by the try scorer Gagai resulted in New South Wales getting a chance to hit back instantly and through Mitchell the NSW Blues hit back after the bunker over ruled a poor on field decision by Sutton. Maloney missed the side line conversion keeping the score at 12 all.

Momentum was all New South Wales after the try and after Tedesco made a line break from nothing a cross field kick from Maloney resulted in Tom Trbojevic taking the ball from Holmes grasp in mid air resulting in NSW 3rd try of the night. This time Maloney got the conversion giving the the Blues a 6 point lead.

After the try Queensland slowly arm wrestled momentum back their way but after making a break down the left edge a kick on the 3rd tackle by Chambers halted their momentum. Their next set though a better kick seen Queensland earn a drop out. But an unforced error released the pressure.

The nail in the coffin seemed to come with 10 minutes to go with Tedesco jumping out of dummy half and bumping away from 5 attempted tackles finding Maloney who sent the ball to the left edge finding Addo-Carr who planted the ball in the left corner getting around his Melbourne Storm teammate Chambers. Maloney missed the conversion with NSW up 22-12.

A 40/20 kick from Hunt with 5 and a half on the clock gave the Queenslanders a late charge, but a poor kick from Morgan early in the set resulted in a NSW 20m tap.

Off the next set a the Blues were able to put in an attacking kick and through a Queensland hand the Blues got another set attacking the line. On the second tackle some brillant defence by Queensland help Mitchell up over the line.

That was as close as it got for points in the final minutes as the Blues held onto the 22-12 scoreline. Taking a 1-0 lead into game 2 at ANZ Stadium on the 24th of June.



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