Sin Bin

The NRL has already incredibly suppassed last years yellow card count for 2017, this covers the entire season and finals, after just 11 rounds of the regular season.

Referees were given strict orders to clamp down on players in the 2018 season, for things such as repeat offences, multiple penalties conceded on the goal line and slowing or stalling techniques. This has lead to an incredibly sharp rise in the amount of players on the receiving end of a yellow card and it's not likely to stop anytime soon.

NRL CEO Todd Greenburg came out publicly and addressed the media in regards to the milking of penalties, throwing the ball into stranded players and all round unsporting conduct, giving the referees licence to send players to the Sin Bin and give penalties against clear instances of that kind of behaviour.

With last year's total of 43 Yellow cards already broken, this is season is on course to set a huge record for cards in a season. Comparing to the combined total of the 2013-2016 seasons, which accumulate to 52 over the course of 78 regular weekly rounds plus finals, this quite frankly is an astonishing figure when put into this context, especially when broken down to this equating to a yellow card produced this season at a rate of 4 sin bins every round of the NRL.

So who's to blame for this sharp increase of cards? Realistically there's two parties responsible, either the referees or the players. Is it the referees killing the game with too many penalties given and cards dished out to easily or is this the players who's discipline is forcing the referees hand in these decisions?



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