Sharks run through helpless Knights

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The Cronulla Sharks defeated the Newcastle Knights 48-10

It didn't take long for someone to be on the scoreboard with the soon to be Knight Jesse Ramien opening the scoring for the Sharks off the back of a set play. However off the restart an Error from Fullback Josh Dugan put the home side in an excellent field position to hit straight back. Nothing came from this set as the Knights came up with nothing.

Moments later a brilliant short ball from Jack Cogger saw Aiden Guerra almost crash over if it wasn't for a try saving tackle from Josh Dugan. Dugan however laid in the ruck was was penalised giving the Knights another set inside the Sharks 10.

They had a few chances to score that set but confusion on the 5th tackle saw a turnover and gifting the ball back to the visitors. The Sharks drove up the field and after an attacking bomb put up from Chad Townsend the Knights let the ball bounced and it bounced straight into the arms of Valentine Holmes. Holmes with some ease strolled over the try line extending the lead out even further.

Off the restart however Paul Gallen dropped the ball trying to play it and it almost led to points however a solid hit from Ramien on Nathan Ross forced the ball loose.

A string of penalties got the Sharks into some good field position which ended up with another penalty gifting Chad Townsend and the Sharks the extra two points.
Yet again however the first set after points Paul Gallen dropped the ball coming out of the Sharks half gifting the ball straight back to the Knights. 

A late and high hit could see Luke Lewis in trouble with the match review committee after he left Kalyn Ponga laying on the ground which forced him up the tunnel for a HIA (Head Injury Assessment).

In the 30th minute an offload from Matt Prior saw Jayden Brailey stroll over the line next to the posts extending the lead out for the Sharks even further. 

A few moments later Lachlan Fitzgibbon beat Chad Townsend easily on the outside shoulder as he spun out of the tackle which led to a very easy and soft try. Kalyn Ponga returned from his HIA with two minutes to spare and as he came back onto the field the Knights suffered another blow with Hooker Slade Griffin going up the tunnel for his own HIA.

The Sharks moments later almost went in for another try however it was revealed that Nathan Ross tripped Jesse Ramien on the run through leading to the Centre being placed on report. A shift off the penalty saw an excellent short ball from Matt Moylan sending Josh Dugan over untouched as the Knights had no idea what had hit them. 

As the second half started, Nathan Ross didn't return after the break as he suffered a groin injury, and it didn't take long for the Sharks to score again and this time it was through Edrick Lee scoring off the back of a Matt Moylan pass.

The Sharks much like most of the game struck again as they had all the momentum with a short ball saw Luke Lewis go through a hole untouched and after some fancy footwork saw him beat Fullback Kalyn Ponga without much effort to try and stop the back rower. 

A well weighted kick in behind the Knights defensive line saw Valentine Holmes pick up his double of the afternoon, and from this point the game felt well and truly lost for the home side.

It didn't take long however for Matt Moylan to pick up his sixth Try Assist of the afternoon as a pin point placed kick saw Jesse Ramien go over to pick up his second try of the game, and things got even more exciting as off the kickoff restart an early shift saw Valentine Holmes tear through the Knights defence almost going coast to coast. He offloaded the ball to James Segeyaro who tried to force a pass instead of just taking the tackle and ended up dropping the ball cold. 

A play down the sideline saw Valentine Holmes tread awfully close to the sideline which led to his third try of the afternoon, and from here the Knights just seemed to have given up. They showed no urgency in attack and in defence they just seemed like they never showed up.

At the death of the game however Sione Mata'utia went over in the corner but by this stage the game was already over and the Sharks just ran the remainder of the clock down.

Fewy's Player of the Game: Matt Moylan

Scoring Timeline:
3' (TRY) J. Ramien (CRO)
11' (TRY) V. Holmes (CRO)
18' (Penalty Goal) C. Townsend (CRO)
31' (TRY) J. Brailey (CRO)
33' (Conversion) C. Townsend (CRO)
35' (TRY) L. Fitzgibbon (NEW)
36' (Conversion) K. Sio (NEW)
39' (TRY) J. Dugan (CRO)
40' (Conversion) C. Townsend (CRO)


44' (TRY) E. Lee (CRO)
45' (Conversion) C. Townsend (CRO)
48' (TRY) L. Lewis (CRO)
49' (Conversion) C. Townsend (CRO)
51' (TRY) V. Holmes (CRO)
63' (TRY) J. Ramien (CRO)
64' (Conversion) C. Townsend (CRO) 
69' (TRY) V. Holmes (CRO)
73' (TRY) S. Mata'utia (NEW)



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