Sea Eagles dismantle Broncos in Brisbane

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Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 38 defeat Brisbane Broncos 24.

Match Review:
It was the second game of the Brisbane double header as the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles had the home game over the Brisbane Broncos in Brisbane. Despite the lop sided crowd going against the home side, the whopping funds gained would go home with Manly, so Sea Eagles fans, no need to worry!

It was a brilliant start to the game for Manly as the first set of the game for the Sea Eagles resulted in a penalty marching them downfield giving the Broncos immediate pressure. Off the first attacking set, a grubber by halfback Daly Cherry-Evans bounced off Broncos' half Jack Bird's foot and right into the hands of Manly lock Jake Trbojevic who went in under the posts for a quick 6-0 lead. The lead didn't last long though, when a row of four straight penalties for the Broncos finally resulted in Broncos hooker Andrew McCullough busting through the line and with the conversion, tie the game up. The Broncos were quick to give the Sea Eagles the lead again though, when a error off the kick off followed up with a penalty quickly gave Manly the 8-6 lead courtesy of a Daly Cherry-Evans penalty goal to end an exciting opening 10 minutes!

The game was quick to turn into a tennis match with the constant change of momentum due to the huge amount of penalties as well as the odd error here and there. A dropped ball by Manly fullback Tom Trbojevic in his own half gave the Broncos momentum and shortly after, Brisbane's first lead of the game when Andrew McCullough sent cult hero Sam Thaiday over the line. The Broncos were then able to extend the lead to a converted try when Jamayne Isaako successfully slotted a penalty goal. Just like Manly earlier though, the Broncos weren't able to hold the momentum for long. The Sea Eagles took advantage of the momentum swing and penalties given when Joel Thompson charged through four Brisbane defenders to grab himself a try.

The tennis match continued to go back and forth when Manly fullback Tom Trbojevic sliced through the Brisbane defence and hand his brother a first half double. Despite the Broncos having the last attacking set of the half, the Sea Eagles were able to take a 18-14 lead into the half time break, and surprisingly with only seven tackles inside the Broncos' twenty.

The second half saw the Sea Eagles come out where the first half finished off. Even though we just had the half time break, the Broncos forwards were walking back just after one Sea Eagles set, and it quickly turned into a seriously dominated first ten minutes by Manly. An early half penalty goal for Daly Cherry-Evans was very quickly followed up with a try off the back of a penalty when Manly hooker Api Koroisau stepped through the Broncos defence and took advantage of the exhausted and slow to react Brisbane pack.

With less than 25 minutes remaining and Manly up by 12, the Broncos were in desperate need of some points, that however wasn't the case. Off a great attacking set, the Broncos gave away an early penalty and relieved pressure off the Sea Eagles. Manly off the very next set were able to go onto the attack and strike once again with a beautiful through the hands try for winger Akuila Uate. The Broncos finally ended the 22 point scoring run by Manly with a try of the year contender. A little chip over the top by Kodi Nikorima saw Anthony Milford rise above all defender, take the catch, and sprint off to score the try under the posts and cut the Manly lead to 10 with the successful conversion. The comeback wasn't on the cards for long but, as the Broncos once again let Manly off the hook with penalties and errors, and Manly made them pay through Joel Thompson's double who dived on a Daly Cherry-Evans grubber in goal. The Broncos did get the last say of the game but with a consolation try in the final few minutes to winger Jamayne Isaako off a through the hands paly to help out their for and against.

It's been a long time coming for Manly, but the five game losing streak came to an end with tonight's win over the Broncos. The Sea Eagles were at their brilliant best while the Broncos were at their woeful worst, and the Sea Eagles made Brisbane pay with a 38-24 win.

Stonecold's player of the game: Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles).

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles:
2' Jake Trbojevic (Try)
3' Daly Cherry-Evans (Conversion)
9' Daly Cherry-Evans (Penalty Goal)
30' Joel Thompson (Try)
35' Jake Trbojevic (Try)
36' Daly Cherry-Evans (Conversion)
43' Daly Cherry-Evans (Penalty Goal)
48' Api Koroisau (Try)
49' Daly Cherry-Evans (Conversion)
56' Akuila Uate (Try)
67' Joel Thompson (Try)
68' Daly Cherry-Evans (Conversion)
73' Daly Cherry-Evans (Penalty Goal)

Brisbane Broncos:
7' Andrew McCullough (Try)
8' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
16' Sam Thaiday (Try)
17' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
24' Jamayne Isaako (Penalty Goal)
62' Anthony Milford (Try)
63' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
77' Jamayne Isaako (Try)



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