Interview: Sandow Talks Up His Return

We spoke to former South Sydney, Parramatta and Warrington halfback Chris Sandow about his potential return to the sport, the changes he's made, his deep regret at how things played out at Warrington and his potential next club.

A common theme Chris had addressed in recent weeks were his changes, I asked him about his changes, "I have changed, I have grown up I wasn’t seeing eye to eye with Tony smith at the time, I lost a close family memberand you no when you lose some one close to you in puts things into perspective, so it was a number of things that made me change as a person but mainly I realised how much I loved the game of rugby league and want to get back on that park, it’s my saviour"

I asked him about his motivation for coming back to the game and why now  his response was very honest and came as somewhat of a shock "deep down I never really wanted to leave but issues and family issues forced that, and once you play rugby league it’s a bug it never really goes away the love for the game."

We spoke briefly on the possibility of a club picking him up, what would he hope to achieve."I’m hoping to find a great club and what ever club I go to a will reward them on the field with glory that’s a promise and I will stay there and make sure I leave a legend"

To finish the interview I decided to try and probe Chris on his next potential team and the clubs he had spoken with, this is what he had to say " I was having talks with hull KR a few weeks back but Tim sheens didn’t want to see it through , and there is a lot of interest at the minute but I can’t say too much as we will have to see how it goes , but if I could have it my way I would love to go back to Warrington, it’s a great club with great fans and I would love to repay them for everything they did for me and I would love to play alongside Ben Barba, he is a top bloke and a top player and saints have got a good set up, Toronto Wolfpack aswell is a good set up and there definitely going places"

Where Chris Sandow next calls home is anyone's guess but we wish him the best of luck. 



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