5 Supercoach PODs for Round 9

It's Friday, which means that the players are getting ready for their games this weekend and Supercoach players are frantically trading to get the edge in their leagues. It's pretty early to be thinking about the players that we could see as point of differences (PODs), but it may be of help with a lot of teams having the same players to start the season off with. With there being no real PODs within the first game of the round, let's look at the 5 Supercoach PODs for round 9. 

1. Manu Ma'u - 60.3 Average (Parramatta, 1.4% ownership, 2RF)

Probably the best POD for not only this week, but for the weeks to come; Ma'u is back to the form which saw him get pretty close to keeper status just 24 months ago. Averaging at just a touch over 60, and playing the round 13 bye, Ma'u is almost a must have over the next few weeks. With Nathan Brown out of the side until round 12, there is more running room for Ma'u to use, which means more points.

2. Mahe Fonua - 61.0 Average (Wests Tigers, 0.7% ownership, CTW)

The riskiest of the lot this week, Fonua only made his club debut against the Eels in round 8 but he was a supercoach blessing. He would score a beautiful 61 in his debut, and with him being at near cheapie range, he is one to watch for next week as a downgrade option for Kennar or for Nathan Brown if you have Matterson in the CTW spot. From what we hear, it is his spot to lose. Take it for what you will.

3. Isaah Yeo - 59.5 Average (Penrith, 1.3% ownership, 2RF)

It seems that no matter where Yeo goes, he scores well. He has only had two scores below 50, one of which only saw him play 41 minutes. He has a knack of either getting across the line or setting someone up to go over, which bolsters his already 50+ base stat average. He doesn't play round 13, but if numbers are not an issue then you could very well be looking at this juicy POD.

4. Cody Walker - 62.1 Average (South Sydney, 7.8% ownership, 5/8|FLB)

With the likes of Damien Cook and Richie Kennar dominating Supercoach teams, quite a few (myself included) have forgotten this juicy dual position POD in Cody Walker. He plays round 13, he has a good average for a half in a tough year AND he is hitting at least one try or try assist every game. His only score below 50 was a 20 in round 4, so while his base stats are poor, his attacking stats are great. Quite the POD for round 13.

5. Jesse Ramien - 52.2 Average (Cronulla, 1.1% ownership, CTW)

You see a 52.2 and you don't exactly jump out of your skin... until you realize that this bloke is a centre/wing player who tends to have some pretty good base stats. Add on the fact that he is one of the main attacking targets for the Sharks since he came into the squad and it should be no surprise that he is on this list. Hard to justify burning trades to get him in if he isn't a straight swap, but he plays round 13 and could bag a try against Parramatta if he is opposite Michael Jennings. 


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