South Sydney take home the Ron Coote Cup.

South Sydney Rabbitohs 26 defeat Sydney Roosters 14.

Game Review.

A match up that all NRL fans circle on their calendar. The rivalry between the Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs is always a cracker and has never failed to entertain.

It was one of the more exciting starts to a game in 2018 so far. After a few early penalties and errors, the Rabbitohs were quick to jump out to a 2 nil lead along with multiple try scoring opportunities for the Bunnies. However poor end of set options left the Roosters happy to be only down by 2, and despite the constant pressure on their try line and lack of discipline, the Roosters were able to tie the game at 2 all about 20 minutes in.

Finally after a hard fought opening half, the Roosters to their delight grabbed the first try thanks to a flying James Tedesco slicing through the Rabbitohs defence before being brought down. The very next play saw Latrell Mitchell dive over in the corner to give his team a surprising lead. Not even 5 minutes later, the Bunnies struck back through winger Robert Jennings thanks to an awesome wrap around play by Cody Walker. Both tries converted from the sideline and each side headed to the sheds with the scoreline tied at 8 a piece.

Despite the scoreline, the Roosters would be the happier side heading into halftime due to the constant pressure absorbed on the defensive end. The Rabbitohs lack of ability to score off all the pressure would of been a big talking point for the red and green. Where as I can guarantee that the Roosters talking point would of been discipline.

The Bunnies had a dream start to the second half off yet again another Roosters error. A high bomb dropped by the Roosters winger Reece Robinson was picked up by fullback James Tedesco and on his attempt to make it back into the field of play, dropped it himself and picked up by the soon to be Rooster Angus Crichton to get the second half scoring up and running. The dream start doesn't end there but! Off the restart, the Bunnies were able to storm up field and put up another attacking bomb. This time the Chooks weren't even given a chance as the Bunnies legend himself Greg Inglis soared up above of Tedesco to take the ball and dive over, giving the Rabbitohs a quick 10 point lead only 5 minutes into the second half.

Despite the poor start for the Chooks, the tri colours were able to close the gap to 4 points from a Ryan Matterson try produced by a Joseph Manu tap back off a chip to the corner. The Roosters followed that try up with some brilliant attacking sets and looked as if they were wanting the win more. However a penalty goal by Reynolds to take the lead to 6 followed up with yet another Roosters knock on by Blake Ferguson in his own half gave the Bunnies a chance to extend their lead, and extend their lead they did with a beautiful attacking set giving John Sutton a try. Despite a late flurry of energy and attack, the Roosters couldn't force a comeback due to more error riddled sets.

This game was won through the middle for Souths. The Bunnies forward pack was on song tonight, and once again the aggressiveness of the Roosters forward pack comes into question and seems to be the weakest link for the once premiership favourites. The Burgess twins were at their best, and yet again Damien Cook has another blinder of a game and pushes his bid for a NSW Blues jersey.

Stonecold's Player Of The Game: Damien Cook

Scoring Timeline.

Sydney Roosters.
22' Latrell Mitchell (Penalty Goal)
33' Latrell Mitchell (Try)
35' Latrell Mitchell (Conversion)
54' Ryan Matterson (Try)
54' Latrell Mitchell (Conversion)

South Sydney Rabbitohs.
5' Adam Reynolds (Penalty Goal)
37' Robert Jennings (Try)
39' Adam Reynolds (Conversion)
42' Angus Crichton (Try)
45' Greg Inglis (Try)
46' Adam Reynolds (Conversion)
61' Adam Reynolds (Penalty Goal)
64' John Sutton (Try)
65' Adam Reynolds (Conversion)



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