Round 5 Supercoach Studs and Duds

Round five of the NRL Premiership has come and gone, and for over 100,000 Supercoach players, the game has most definitely broken us... well it has broken me at least. Thousands of Supercoaches have spent hours trying to sort their teams, picking the right balance of guns, cheapies and points of differences to get as many vital points as possible. We had a ton of guns live up to their status, a few min-rangers surprise us all, and a few injuries destroy head-to-head games. Here, we will look at 3 studs and 3 duds of the NRL Supercoach round and see who impressed, as well as who failed.


Jai Arrow - 133 Points (Gold Coast, $502,200, 2RF)

The best score of the week by quite a way, Jai Arrow will be finding his way into thousands of teams this week after his performance. Never mind the fact that he went through for two tries and two linebreaks, the Titans player also had 58 in base stats and another 28 in evasive stats (tackle busts and offloads). If he is able to hold those base stats and have half of those evasive stats, then he is a keeper for the year.

Anthony Milford - 100 Points (Brisbane, 5|8, $547,300)
A lot of coaches were hoping that Milford would turn up on the duds list, myself included. Unfortunately for some, and very fortunately for Brisbane fans, he ends up racking up the ton despite the loss to Newcastle. Halves are generally the position where base stats suck and attacking stats rule the roost, and this was no expection. A try to go with three line breaks, 10 tackle busts and 3 forced drop outs paved the way for a huge game. If only he could have waited a week...

Andrew Fifita - 95 Points (Cronulla, FRF, $603,200)

The big man and his partner in Paul Gallen are back to causing real trouble in the middle of the field. He is always guaranteed 2 points if the Sharks receive a kick off while he is on the field, and his base stats were respectable. His evasive stats this week set him apart from the rest though. He had 7 effective offloads and 6 tackle busts for a combined 40 points. More of the same will see his ownership skyrocket from the current 12.5%. 


Dylan Edwards/Waqa Blake - 45 combined points (Penrith)

I am combining these two together because they should have score about 145 between them instead of 45. Waqa Blake did not want to get involved at all, with 15 of his 22 points being tackles. For a centre who generally takes a run every second set, that is shocking. Dylan Edwards should have had more, but it seems he was suffering from a case of the butterfingers with -10 in errors alone. His base stats were not awful, however we have come to expect more from him. 

Jamayne Isaako - 21 Points (Brisbane, CTW, $302,700)

With a Breakeven of 42 this week, this cash cow may have been milked for the last time. A game against the Warriors and their rampaging outside backs won't make for any confidence building both on the field, and in Supercoach. A lot of his hit ups were having to take a bomb and land on his backside, with no involvement otherwise. For those looking to trade him out, Richie Kennar isn't too much more at the moment, and he has a negative breakeven. Just saying.

Mitchell Aubusson - 19 Points (Sydney, 2RF|CTW, $273,600)

It wasn't that long ago that Aubusson was seen as a potential POD/Keeper with how his stats would go. In 2018, he has dropped almost $150,000 and he produced sweet crud all in terms of stats last week. In 47 minutes of work, he produced 10 tackles, 5 hitups over 8m and a missed tackle. Never mind the Supercoach aspect of it, how did he get 47 minutes of game time? The near 2% who own him for some reason, need to get rid of him before he turns into a cheapie for the wrong reasons. 


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