Round 6 Preview: Roosters v Rabbitohs

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Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs.
Venue: Allianz Stadium.
Date: Thursday, April 12th.
Time: 7:50pm AEST, 9:50pm NZ

Sydney Roosters
1 James Tedesco
2 Reece Robinson
3 Latrell Mitchell
4 Joseph Manu
5 Blake Ferguson
6 Luke Keary
7 Cooper Cronk
8 Sio Siua Taukeiaho
9 Jake Friend (c)
10 Dylan Napa
11 Boyd Cordner (c)
12 Ryan Matterson
13 Isaac Liu

14 Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
15 Zane Tetevano
16 Mitchell Aubusson
17 Victor Radley

18 Nat Butcher
19 Kurt Baptiste
20 Mitchell Cornish
21 Frank-Paul Nuuausala

South Sydney Rabbitohs:
1 Alex Johnston
2 Richie Kennar
3 Greg Inglis (c)
4 Dane Gagai
5 Robert Jennings
6 Cody Walker
7 Adam Reynolds
8 Thomas Burgess
9 Damien Cook
10 George Burgess
11 John Sutton
12 Angus Crichton
13 Cameron Murray

14 Adam Doueihi
15 Mark Nicholls
16 Jason Clark
17 Tevita Tatola

18 Robbie Farah
19 Hymel Hunt
20 Campbell Graham
21 Kyle Turner

Game Preview:
Well here we have it, the biggest rivalry in the history of the sport. It’s the Sydney Roosters, taking on the South Sydney Rabbitohs!

The Roosters have been a bit of a disappointments this year so far. “How? They are 3 from 5 this year!” Is a response I think many would give me. But also as many have said, with the roster the Roosters have on paper, they shouldn’t be losing a single game. 

The Roosters really haven’t been overly bad. A close loss to the Tigers in Round 1 wasn’t the worst result considering the form of the Tigers, and a big loss to the undefeated Warriors isn’t bad too, but like I said, with the roster they are using they should be doing better. Let’s not focus on the negatives but, and look at the fact that the Roosters are still in the top 8 and are still yet to gel properly. 

The Roosters form has been alright so far, a few players have really stood out and shown their potential as individuals, their superstar signings haven’t quite lived up to the hype just yet, but still have plenty of time to show that. Still a serious Premiership favourite, the Chooks will be taking on their greatest rivals in history, a team that is still quite the dark horse team for 2018, and still in my opinion a huge chance for the top 8!

And that team is the South Sydney Rabbitohs! They have had a few rough games, but also a few stand out performances which have seen them be the tipsters nightmare! They never were looked at as a top 4 team, barely even a top 8 team, but when the Bunnies are on, they are on! 

They’ve had a few performances to forget, but then a few performances that have really stood out, such as the monster win over Manly and a close hard fought battle with the table topping Dragons.A few underdog names have turned up and shown some serious talents for the Bunnies this year so far, and as a core unit, aren’t looking to bad! There’s a few things that need to be touched up a bit, but overall, I wouldn’t be to mad as a Bunnies fan, because there’s a lot of potential being shown!

Key Match Ups.

Match Up #1: Adam Reynolds vs Cooper Cronk.

This is one hell of a match up. We have one of the all time masters in Cronk taking on a soon to be master himself in Reynolds.

Cronk hasn’t been in the best of form so far in 2018, but what do you expect when you’ve just left the team you’ve spent your entire career at. He’s got to adjust to a whole new culture and system. But even a poor Cronk has been quite dangerous this year, and expect some danger from him on Thursday night.

Reynolds on the other hand has had a rough start to the year. We haven’t seen to much of him due to injury, but we know where his talent lies. Reynolds is a contender for the Blues jersey, but even more so a Souths man through and through. Against their fiercest rival, expect Reynolds to fire!

Match Up #2: Greg Inglis vs Latrell Mitchell.

We have the almighty GI up in here! One of the greatest players to play the sport, and someone the Bunnies can always rely on. Injuries have really slowed him down, as we are seeing his better days pass, but even a GI on one leg is better than most. One of the most passionate players to play the sport, he will want to perform against his team’s rivals. I got money on GI grabbing a try.

Look who’s taking on the opposite #3 jersey? The wiz kid known as “The next GI!” 

Latrell Mitchell won’t be facing GI directly, but I expect both to try and up one another. Especially Latrell on the man he idols. Mitchell is by far one of the most exciting young talents in the game, and in such a big game like this, I’m ready to see this kid go insane. I may have put money on GI for a try, but I’ll also be putting money on this kid for two!

Match Up #3: Angus Crichton vs Ryan Matterson.

Why is this such a big head to head? Because of 2019. One of the most sought after young guns in Angus Crichton is heading to his team’s rival team, the very team he faces this week. Crichton will be out there for two reason. 
1. To show his new team exactly what they’ll be getting next season! 
2. To show his new team that he’s still a Bunny for the remainder of the year, and nothing else, and he won’t be wanting to lose this rivalry.

Ryan Matterson is up for a big game as well, and the reason I made this a match up mention is because Angus Crichton is coming over next season, and the jersey he will be wanting is the jersey Matterson is wearing right now. Matto had a massive game last week, and is really looking like he’s a solid forward option in the future, but if he wants to keep that starting spot, he will need a big game against the man trying to get it!

Stonecold’s Prediction: Roosters by 4.
Yep, I’m predicting a close one! The Roosters are a talented team, but pride and passion means more, and that’s what we should expect out of both teams. This alone is why I think it’ll be a tight match.



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