Round 4 Team of the Week

here is you r team of the week for Round 4.

1. Tom Trbojevic
2. Phillip Sami
3. Euan Aitken
4. Esan Marsters
5. Corey Thompson
6. James Maloney
7. Mason Lino
8. David Klemmer
9. Andrew McCullough
10. James Fisher-Harris
11. Viliame Kikau
12. Robbie Rochow
13. Matt Eisenhuth
14. Kalyn Ponga
15. Jake Trbojevic
16. Leeson Ah Mau
17. Nene MacDonald

Honorable Mentions
Regan  Campbell-Gillard
Gareth Widdop
Solomone Kata
Josh McGuire

Remember next week I will list the top 10 players so far in the running for player of the year



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