5 Supercoach PODs for Round 6

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It's Thursday, which means that the players are getting ready for their games this weekend and Supercoach players are frantically trading to get the edge in their leagues. It's pretty early to be thinking about the players that we could see as point of differences (PODs), but it may be of help with a lot of teams having the same players to start the season off with. Chumpie got 2 last week, with Tim Lafai robbed of at least 22 points to make it 3. In saying that, let's look at the 5 Supercoach PODs for round 6.

1. Jack Wighton - 59.4 average (Canberra, 1.1% ownership, FLB)

The Canberra fullback is back after a weekend off and he is up against a Parramatta side desperate for a win. He has a 54 average against the Eels and he generally scores well at home. A break even of 40 means that he might be able to rack up a little bit of money over the next few weeks, and he could very well ton up if Parramatta don't play well.

2. David Fusitua - 53.2 average (Warriors, 3.4% ownership, CTW)

If you took my advice a few weeks ago and brought in either of the Warriors wingers, you would be sitting rather pretty right now. Fusitua scored a juicy 83 last week and with him coming up against Jamayne Isaako this week, he is in line for a few more meat pies. I'm predicting another double from the big man. 

3. Euan Aitken - 61.8 average (St George, 5.1% ownership, CTW)

Aitken is one of the best CTW at the moment in terms of base stats, and the bloke has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Dragons good form. He has 4 tries in 5 games, however his only game without a try was against Cronulla. I expect that Aitken will run around Josh Dugan for a try,  as well as having 10+ in evasive stats for another 60+ score.

4. Paul Gallen - 54.6 average (Cronulla, 5.5% ownership, 2RF)
The best in the history of Supercoach is back to his best, with a juicy 84 on the weekend. 64 in pure base stats, and another 20 in evasive stats gave multiple coaches an orgasm. Somehow he was only at 5.5% despite his status, so this is perfect time to get on Gallen before the rest do. 

 5. Esan Marsters - 63.6 average (Wests Tigers, 2.9% ownership, CTW)

The 3rd POD to come out of the CTW positions this week, Marsters has the goal kicking duties once again as Tui Lolohea has been dropped. He has averaged 48 in his 2 games against Manly, and his base stats are a lovely sight to see for any coach looking to get a potential POD keeper in. His breakeven is 24, and his known to go over at crucial times. Get on him. 


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