5 Supercoach PODs for Round 5

It's Thursday, which means that the players are getting ready for their games this weekend and Supercoach players are frantically trading to get the edge in their leagues. It's pretty early to be thinking about the players that we could see as point of differences (PODs), but it may be of help with a lot of teams having the same players to start the season off with. Chumpie got just the one right last week (Matt Eisenhuth), but I've got a good feeling about this week with some great match-ups. So here we go, 5 PODs for round 5.

1. Waqa Blake - 45.3 average (Penrith, 5% ownership, $371,800)

It's not like me to suggest someone who goes for under 50, but there is one key stat that fills me with confidence as I am typing this. That stat? He scored twice against Parramatta in round 1. He had a solid 40 in base stats too, which leads me to believe that he might just have another breakout game. If he someone you should break the bank to bring in? No. However, if you have him, you probably should play him.

2. Dylan Edwards - 55.3 average (Penrith, 1.1% ownership, $512,400)

He bit me in the backside last week, scoring his lowest score of the year but Dylan Edwards could very easily be one of the most involved fullbacks in the game. He, like his teammate in Waqa Blake, had a great performance against the Eels in round 1 and Edwards can bust a tackle like a child can throw mum's money around the house. He only has one try to his name and no try assists, but every game he breaks the line, he scores 60+. Watch this man as a smokey at the end of the year.

3. Tim Lafai - 59.3 average (St George, 1.4% ownership, $592,800)

I'm recycling Lafai from when he didn't exactly help me in the second round, but his last few games have been absolutely fantastic. Widdop has been using the short ball as well as cutting our to McDonald, and Lafai has been taking full advantage of this. Lafai does not have a great record against South Sydney, but his form is good enough and his ownership makes it worth the risk. 

4. Andrew McCullough - 68.8 average (Brisbane, 3.8% ownership, $599,400)

The Broncos hooker has always been considered an elite Supercoach hooker, bar his poor year in 2016. That average is awesome in it's own right, but it is also affected by a 39 point game at the start of the year. McCullough has incredible base stats, and he isn't afraid to pass close to the line if he does not go over himself. McCullough also has an average of 68 against Newcastle, so if you need a cheeky POD at hooker... this is your guy. 

5. Aidan Guerra - 60 average (Newcastle, 2.5% ownership, $512,800)

The Newcastle second-rower has had a bit of a resurgence after moving from the Eastern Suburbs and his Supercoach stats have gone up to boot. Guerra has scored twice already this season, and his base stats are looking quite juicy for a 2RF. There's a chance that Guerra could get across this week, so you would not be amiss in bringing in Guerra if you have the money. 



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